Inside The Abyss…………

Many people believe Hell is the worst place to go after death. I can say from experience that this is not true. For there is a place so horrible that not even Satan dares go there. This place is simply called, "The Abyss".

Those who have committed great acts of sin, such as serial killers, rapists, and even simple blasphemies against Satan, are banished to The Abyss to spend the rest of eternity. The water is poison that causes the person who consumes it to kill themselves, only to suffer the pain of what they have done. Even though they are dead, those sent there carry out the normal bodily functions, but only have access to rotten human flesh and the poison water. Here, they are not surrounded by blistering heat and lava, but are instead standing in the lava, and always feel the pain from it. They will eternally feel the horrid pain of infinite agony; never stopping, always increasing.

There is only one time per week, for just 30 minutes in a random hour, that their agony ceases. That, my friends, is feeding time. We will discuss Him next. The one who watches over this place instills fear in anything at the mention of its name, Morthag; Consumer of Hope. Every twenty years, he will choose a random victim, and peel their skin off, one strip at a time, so he can feed. He especially likes children's flesh. When he's done with whoever he chose, they will never heal and will suffer forever. This place makes Hell look like a lost paradise.