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What my Heaven Hound sort of looks like.

I bet you have heard of Hell Hounds. You know, the ancient story of dog like creatures that no one can see but the person they are supposed to kill? You've never seen one, I am sure. But do they kill? And why have there been no encounters of these so-called "Hell Hounds"?

"Heaven Hounds" are creatures that watch the earth for Hell Hounds. Heaven Hounds appear as normal, average dogs, although the difference is in the inside. Heaven Hounds have the ability to stare a Hell Hound in the eye and kill them, which is why most dogs get aggressive if you stare them in the eye. Heaven Hounds can also bite Hell Hound's necks and break their larynx. They keep watchful and keen eyes, and barely play with their owners when they mature to full age. Even though it sounds like Heaven Hounds completely ignore their owners, they very well love them and treat them with respect. Is your dog ignoring you? Is he or she staring into the distance, only glancing your way a few times? Does it seem to have crusty eyes? Does it love you and affectionately rubs against you as if it were a cat? If so, your dog could be a Heaven Hound.

Are there any dangers of a Heaven Hound? Yes, actually. Hell Hounds can injure a Heaven Hound. If a Heaven Hound does not snap a Hell Hound's neck in time, it can be clawed with its fiery claws, bursting the Heaven Hound into flames and turning them into Hell Hounds. Hell Hounds also have the power to bite a Heaven Hound's snout into a gory, mushed pile of meat, in-allowing them to attack as easy.

I always thought I had one myself. His name was Max. The stunning, beautiful light blue eyes was enough for any dog lover to say "Aw". His white fur, soft and sleek, felt like a furry pillow. We had gotten this dog some time after our other one died. He was sweet and passionate, and I even remember asking him to turn around so I could pet his back, and he did immediately. His teeth were round but his snout was large so he would accidentally bite you if you weren't careful or did not have a long enough treat. Other than that, he never bit, he never attacked, and he was sweet to any one new. In fact, he never really barked. All he did was a whimper, and a "Ah" or a "yeay". The only time he barked was when 2 dogs came into our yard and came close to the pen, which saved me because I was right beside the pen in front of the door.

After years of being here, he seemed to grow sorrowful. I would go up to pet him and he would look worried, like a real fear of something drastic to happen. He would cry, literally. I would see his eyes grow wet and get crust all in them. He also sighed, and laid his head in my hand as I pet him, seemingly in thought. I assumed it was his way of saying he didn't like the new puppy we had gotten some time ago. But enough of the puppy, it sadly didn't live very long. I've also noticed that Max, our dog, didn't seem to pay attention. He was always going to the left corner of the pen beside the door and looking. Not even looking at anything, just staring into darkness. Of course, he must have been watching the Hell Hounds.

Today I went outside, pet on him a bit and gave him his food. But while I was walking to go inside, he was doing his usual routine of saddened short yaps. The last one he gave out, sounded like a low pitched "Hey!". I thought this was a person, but after replaying it long and hard in my head, it really sounded like he could have done it. What was he shouting hey for? Did he see a Hell Hound? And if he did, could Heaven Hounds and Hell Hounds exist?

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