Hello, my name is Jason Katerman, and well, strange things have been happening... life was flashing before my eyes, my one true love counted on me and I let her down, my entire life ripped in HALF!

Augh, but where should I start, probably the beginning.

I lived in the small town of Ravenbury, it's a rural town in the western part of the UK. We love to eat and drink and shit. You know, the usual stuff you like to do in your spare time with your friends. Well, we got an invitation from my Grandfather to stay with him for the weekend, which we knew would be great since he has a pool with a mini-liquor fridge beside it.

Anyways, so we headed off, I fell asleep during the trip, though...

The Dream

I woke up, and I was at my Grandfather's house, but it didn't look right. It was lonely-looking, and it had a shed, it didn't quite look right.

But some force in the back of my mind, probably curiosity, got the better of me, and I approached the shed. It was unlocked, so I went inside, as I entered, the door just faded, it wasn't there. So did the windows. I started to sweat all over, and I looked around. On the walls I saw long, grotesque tentacles. They were blood red, and they covered all of the walls. I saw a table with a meat cleaver on it, not hesitating, I grabbed it and stabbed it right into one of the walls, trying to ecscape.

I was horrified, as when I cut in, I did find a door, but it led to outside... now, not the outside we know and love. No, this was morbid. The shed was gone when I left. The police were in front of the house. I walked up to one of the officers and questioned him as to what was going on. He said, "There was a murder here."

He named the names of my friends, and he said my Grandfather went missing. I looked around and found the pool, in it was blood. The pool was full of blood, and I saw a hand reach up and grab me, and my Grandfather's face.

He pulled me into the blood and said, "Hear me"