Creepy Figure


There is a reason you feel like you are being watched, peered upon from a distance. In the corner of your eye, in the darkness outside your window at night, behind the open door of your closet while you slumber; something lurks.

He lurks. He is there. Just beyond your line of sight, he is there. Watching and waiting; waiting for that moment when you are completely vulnerable.

Locking the doors, closing your curtains, hiding in your room, it won’t stop him. He will find you. He is there. You can try to run. Run into the light, but it won’t be of any use. He will wait.

By any means you can now not be saved. He has seen you, and now he wants you. At night you can try to stay awake. You can pray that the darkness won’t consume you, but he will continue to seek you. He is there.

Your fear, he can smell it. It only draws him nearer. Now he is close to you. Your frantic actions amuse him. He craves you. You can try to hide now, lock yourself away from the world, barricade yourself from him, but that is just what he wants.

Now you are alone; he knows you are alone. You can try to comfort yourself with simple distractions. You may read this very story. But as you read on, he is there. He was always there.

You have made yourself vulnerable, and now he has got you.