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I recall being a young boy and being scared of the dark. Isn't everyone at one point scared of the pitch darkness? Anyways, I would stay up all night playing GTA 2 and the (then) new GTA 3 as late as 2:00. The reason why I stayed up was because I was scared of the dark and him.

Years later, I've done some research and have discovered that he is the Slenderman. Often I would see a dark, long figure in the corner of my eyes. One part, I would remember closing my door, and the wall in front of it was a mirror. I keep seeing the figure look at me before I quickly blink. I would just put it down as being a part of my imagination since I always watched horror shows and movies at night, before playing games.

In May 2002, I got paranoid. It was almost summer but the house I lived near got robbed. It was horrible. Now, I got scared about getting robbed and I left my lights on to show that even when everyone was sleeping, the robbers would think that people were still there.

After a few days of the robbing, I couldn't sleep. It was around 1-3 AM. I just couldn't sleep, I was alone. Alone with my fear. I had nobody to help me, the perfect time for me to get killed. So then, I just started to lay down and tried to sleep. I then felt like I was choking intensely. I tried opening my eyes, and I got a glimpse and I saw that same figure. I then fully opened my eyes. I saw everything locked, closed, and shut. I looked at the windows to double check.

It must have been a nightmare. But now since then, I keep seeing him everywhere in my house. Never at a friends, grandparents, or a colleague's house. I still remember that "nightmare". I later found blood dripping from one of the windows in my attic. It was a little bit and I questioned my Mom.

She said, "What are you talking about?"

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