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He's a nice little boy. A little different, I suppose, but that's to be expected. He's seen a lot of things. He's done a lot of things.

He tries his hardest to please them. He is a lovely boy, he'll do whatever it takes to make them happy.

But sometimes, they aren't happy, and when they aren't happy, they hurt him. When they aren't happy, he has a bigger quota to fill.

He hates having to fill his quota, but he loves them, and would do anything to please them. Maybe you've noticed people... leaving, and not coming back. They could be helping him fill his quota. Who wouldn't want to help, he's such a lovely boy. When he fills his quota, he makes them happy. Even if what he has to do makes him sad, seeing them happy makes him feel better.

So try not to judge him, if you ever end up on his list. It's nothing personal. He's a lovely boy, he doesn't like holding grudges. He'll be very careful. It'll be over so fast, you won't even realize it happened. It won't hurt a bit, at least, not his part of this. All he wants to do is make them happy. He is a very nice boy, even if what he does isn't so nice.

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