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Please heed my warning. We can't hold him anymore. He's out there now.

What does he want? A simple question, with a long and difficult answer. A better question is, what does he want with you?

He wants your fear. He isn't picky about how he gets it. He's done such horrible things to people...

I wish I could tell you what he looks like, or give you a name, but the truth is, he can look like whatever he wants, and a name is nothing. He doesn't need one. We call him Cribbos.

I can tell you; he prefers an incorporeal form. Usually a shadow or mist, black or gray. His eyes are always gold. DO NOT LOOK INTO THEM. If you do, well, I barely survived.
Gold Eye by missmuffin90

Do not look into his eyes

There is only one way to defend yourself. Be completely unafraid. But I know, it is impossible for your kind. You must be unafraid of death, of madness, of losing your loved ones. I can not ask that of you.

I'm sorry. We can't hold him anymore. We failed. I failed. He's coming.