He is here, I can feel it. He's always with me, following, watching, waiting. He never leaves.

I watched him take my neighbors away yesterday. They were nice people, but there was nothing I could do. He just...

It doesn't matter anymore. No matter where I go, he will follow me. I tried to talk to him but he just ignores. Never says anything anyway.

I know he is behind me, but when I look he is not there. I can't escape him, nor can I fight him. Please, heed my warning. Never, under any circumstances, look behind you. It gets him... agitated.

He is beckoning me now. I must not keep him waiting.

I do not wish to leave, but he will never go away. I see him everywhere I go. There is only one escape. The coward's way out.

I am leaving you now. I will see you in the other life.

After he takes you too...