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Master Plan

A picture created and edited by a current witness.

The rumours of HB Kay, also known as "The Untrue Shadow", have been hidden beyond the witnesses' silence, but after a deep personal research, there was plenty of information discovered. The story of HB Kay has remained discrete for a long time, but due to the gathered data, the events were cleared out.

The name of this phenomenon used to be Kaylee, Kaylee Anderson. She was a 19 year old young lady, and as described by a few people who knew her before the incident happened, she appeared to be 'a totally normal woman'. The inexplicable events that have been haunting a certain park, where residents usually visit in the morning and also at night. The exact location of this establishment has been narrowly banned. 

Background Story

As the recollected information states, a nearby resident could describe the events precisely, and moreover wrote an accurate redaction of the incident.

"Kaylee had always been an innocent lady, appearing to me very sweet and caring, since we used to be really close friends. My name is Brandon Davidson, and I also used to work with Kaylee in the local animal shelter, and telling by the usual behaviour she used to show, the fact that I found out about all this non-sense, truly stuns me. But I believe it, ever since I understood her desperation, I can totally comprehend this inexplicable situation, even though it goes beyond me. 

Well, there was this young lad Nigel, I remember seeing him a couple of times, and although for Kaylee he seemed a promising man, I never trusted him. For some reason, I felt he wasn't so legit as he appeared to be; I even warned Kaylee about it, but she wouldn't listen. She was hopelessly in love with this guy. To be honest, the fact that he was so deeply in love with him, well it... it made me a bit jealous, but just a bit, believe me. I've always thought Kaylee was (and maybe she still is under that dreadful hood I've been hearing about) a very beautiful girl, with her light brown hair, which she always display in two low pigtails, and her glistening green eyes... Oh, those eyes... I will never forget how they shone when happiness and joy fulfilled that lovely generous heart of hers. Still I could never tell myself that I was in love with her. However, this is not what the important thing is about. 

As I mentioned, this man Nigel, he worked as the local mail man, and he was familiar with almost everyone in town. He was mostly recognized to be a 'ladies man', due to his attitude in front of large amounts of women, which at the beginning I considered reasonable. Nigel was a tall handsome man, not very robust, with stylish black hair, and pale blue eyes. I remember his figure pretty clearly. After some months, Kaylee of course tried to persuade him, in which she wasn't really good at because she was really shy, and luckily for her, they both ended up dating. Yes, dating. It wasn't a really serious relationship for any of them, but they liked each other very much. Even though I felt really glad for Kaylee because she had finally got to date the man she had been liking for a long time, I still could not find the way on how to trust this man, he seemed to hide something. Something that not me or Kaylee were aware about. 

She got to know Nigel really well, his hobbies, what he liked, what he didn't like, his lifestyle. And I even heard some rumours that they already displayed their affection in more physical terms, if you catch my drift. She told me he really liked poetry, and he even wrote some himself spontaneously. He used to go everyday on the evenings to the local park, where most of the residents visited daily, but not around the night. But he did. Remember this because it's really important for some certain events later. 

This is when the story gets interesting. 

Kaylee decided to go to the park around 8 pm, hoping to meet Nigel there, were he would be writing his inspirational poetry. So she headed to the park, eagerly to see her beloved boyfriend, who had made her realise she had fallen on the hole of love, really hard. 

As she knew he walked around with his notebook in his hand and a pen, she glanced at every shadow that passed by, verifying if they looked like a human figure holding something. Yes, she was trying to look for him by his shadow, instead of his features. 

Every time she saw a shadow on the concrete path of the park, she would follow it's pace, to then look closely at the figure, and check if it was him or not. 

After a while of anxious looking, Kaylee began to hear some giggling of a woman, who didn't sound so old, around her early twenties, and a manly familiar chuckle. She totally knew that manly voice. And so, she looked over to the side where the voices seemed to come from. She could devise some shadows moving smoothly, so she walked silently closer to a tree, to peep her head to the side, and see the two people whose voices belonged. 

What she saw, utterly paralyzed her. Her pupil went as small as it's humanly possible, her heart skipped a beat, the tip of her fingers twirled into a twitch, she could feel the veins of her eyes throbbing. As soon as she could see the betrayal seen in front of her eyes, illuminated by the light the moon was providing, tears streamed down her eyes, and her mouth gaped. 

She could see Nigel, but he wasn't alone, he was with another woman. And no, she wasn't just talking to him. They were kissing. But it wasn't just an innocent lip touch. The woman's tongue was locked down Nigel's throat already. Kaylee could immediately notice he was corresponding as well, and of course enjoying it. A naughty smile was planted on both of their faces.

Kaylee, after staring at them for long seconds, started to realise she actually knew that lady. Her name was Priscilla, Priscilla D. Allucard. She saw her a couple of times at the establishment across the street from the animal shelter where she worked. A party planning office. Priscilla's name was written in a lot of posters, due to the party planning company her mother owned was really famous in the whole state. 

Priscilla was one of those typical spoiled blondies, with good bodies and life in pink. She was popular, but most of her admirers secretly hated her, and even though she still remained with her reputation high. However, Kaylee had always been indifferent about all that. 

Back to the heart-breaking scene, Kaylee could not move still. She couldn't help but to start sobbing loudly as the tears flooded down her now boiling cheeks. Staining them deep black lines, because she had put on mascara, which looked really attractive on her eyes.

After she could snap out of her shocking trance, she managed to turn around slowly and then run away from the park. As Kaylee could feel light drops of water touching her hands as she ran, she thought it had started raining, which wasn't the case, she pulled up her hood to protect herself from the downpour. It wasn't actually raining, she felt drops over her because she ran next to a house where an old lady was watering her plants, and some water had accidentally splashed her lightly. 

Surprisingly, instead of heading her own house, to spend some time all by herself... she visited me. Kaylee ran quickly towards my front door and bent over for a moment, resting her hands on her knees, as she panted heavily for running so much. She then stood straight up and banged the door with her fist frustratedly. "Come on, it's raining Brandon!" She complained loudly from outside the door. 

Unfortunately, I was taking a shower, but her pounding on the door was so loud that I saw myself forced to get out of the shower, wrap a towel around my bottom and rush to the door. I opened the door suddenly after unlocking it and widened my eyes a bit as I noticed it wasn't raining a single bit. "What the hell? It's not rai-..." I raised an eyebrow and started to reply to her complaints, but something else caught my attention instantly. 

I've never experienced such unbelievable and terrifying sight until that moment right there. Even though Kaylee was in a deep trance of sorrow, her eyes showed something else. As she was wearing her hood, her face could not be seen, just an empty black space... but her eyes... Those white and red eyeballs were shining! The red veins from her eyes stood out so much they were forming some sort of crimson roots on her eyes, and those as well glistened red. 

After I stared at her for some moments, I snapped out of my shocked day-slumber and pulled at her arm, bringing her in and closing the door behind me. I then pushed down her hood, to gaze an even more dreadful sight. It wasn't what I would call supernatural at all, but for me that I've known her for a long time, it was painful to see her like that. I could see two black lines traced down her cheeks, her skin was paler than usual, her eyes had lost the beautiful iris they used to have, the red lipstick she wore only on her lower lip was almost completely cracked, and for some reason her teeth seemed a bit sharper than they actually were.

"What... What happened to you, Kaylee?" I questioned her in a rather muttering tone as I tilted my head and stared at her with mine much closer to hers. She grit her teeth harshly and sobbed a little more, then took a deep breath and began to tell the whole story of the recent events. 

I was utterly amazed, and now relieved that I was right when I thought Nigel wasn't one of those to trust.

"Alright, Kaylee, I know this must be really hard for you to get over with... But listen, you must let things go, and always look forward. Okay?" I put both of my hands on her shoulders and looked at her straight in the eyes, waiting for her to reply. She looked back into mine, then lowering her head and nodding.

I know nothing after the moment she opened my front door and left with no word. Although what she did may not have been captured by these eyes, it was by other eyes. I'm not stupid, I asked another witnesses later on.

Kaylee put on her hood again, now determined, and clenched her fists. "This is not over, Nigel... I'll follow you..." She muttered to herself, and felt how the veins on her eyes kept spreading, now seeming to form some sort of dark red rings around her small pupil. She refused to keep feeling sorrow, and paying attention at the scar on her heart the betrayal left, so she smiled as wide as she could... literally. Her smile appeared to be out of this dimension. Although neither of these are humanly possible, there are many witnesses who could prove seeing it. 

Nigel and Priscilla were leaving the park at the moment, but both by opposite paths, so they wouldn't be busted. But Priscilla didn't know how careful she should have been, because Kaylee was approaching. 

The blonde stopped at the big fountain that the center of the park had, and used her hand to bring some water to her mouth briskly. But when she turned around, she wasn't expecting to be so deadly scared. 

She saw a figure, a few inches away from her. It was staring at her with wide eyes, tiny pupils, surrounded by dark blood red circles. A smile that reached higher than the average human mouth does, as if somebody had ripped the lips open wider. The mysterious figure suddenly grasped Priscilla by the neck, before she could scream in horror, and sank her head into the fountain. Even though Priscilla struggled to break free, the grasp was over-humanly strong.

After the seconds Priscilla's lungs could resist, she drowned. Kaylee didn't hesitate to leave the young corpse floating on the crystalline water of the fountain freely. She simply turned around and as soon as she could devise shadows at the distance, she dashed following them. 

The man whose shadow belonged, Nigel, stood still for a moment as he heard some twigs rustling nearby, he raised an eyebrow curious and turned his head to the pair of bushes next to him. After staring at them and not hearing a thing, he looked at the concrete of the path, and gazed his own shadow.

He staggered backwards suddenly with fear as he saw two eyes, two big white and blood red eyes. Also an exaggerated mouth shape and pointy teeth.

Nigel gasped loudly and rubbed his eyes abruptly, thinking it was just his imagination... but it wasn't. When he looked at his shadow again, it seemed pretty normal. He lifted his arm, the shadow followed. He stomped his foot on the ground, so did the shadow.

He suddenly heard a low mischievous chuckle from behind him, but he shook his head to brush dramatic thoughts off his mind. But what he was sure it wasn't mind tricks, was the cold breathing he felt on his neck. He stood completely still, frozen. He couldn't encourage himself to move a single muscle. "You broke my heart... Now it's my turn to break yours, Nigel..." Freezing chills ran down Nigel's spine when he heard that mischievous soul-ripping voice whispering next to his ear. 

It was Kaylee of course. 

She grasped him by the shoulders and turned him around to face him, to then instantly punch him flatly across the face. He let out a grunt in sudden pain, to then be pinned against a tree by the neck. Kaylee held him hardly against the tree, tightening her grip on his neck. "... K-k-kay... lee..." Nigel struggled to get rid of her grasp, also trying to pronounce her name, but having difficulties due to the big lack of air. She was utterly puzzled by the fact he could recognize her somehow, however she would never let go of him.

Without a second thought, she began kneeing Nigel's crotch with all her impulse repeatedly, making him groan loudly each time. As she was hanging his neck with her left hand, she proceeded to pounce his chest with her right fist at all strength. Soon making his heart break apart, and it stopped beating.

Nigel's body went utterly numb, Kaylee released her grip on him and he fell slowly to the ground, his body sliding down the tree in the process. She wiped the blood oozing from Nigel's mouth with her thumb, and then rubbed it against her lower lip, to fix the red color of her lipstick that was cracked. Kaylee chuckled, and according to what a witness said, her figure vanished into the shadows that laid on the grass of the park. That certain resident who claims the fact that Kaylee's body faded, is now in the local mental clinic, and under medication. Still I, Brandon, believed him."

Brandon is said to continue his life as if he had never known Kaylee, and as if they had never been friends at all. He also refused to leave any other comments. Although he feels now there is an empty space in his life, he goes on with his life as a journalist, without his old friend.


Witness/es: Maddison Douglas &  Baldric Simpson

Date: 8/7/11 

Argument: "I had just finished taking a shower, and I checked the clock, it was around 8:30. My fianceé Baldric was downstairs finishing some paperwork for his job the next day, and I expected him to be in silence for a long while, so I just decided to read my Clockwork Angel book. 

Then I suddenly heard Baldric yell at the top of his lungs, he seemed panicked or something, “Oh my god, for Jesus Christ!”. I rushed downstairs and ran to the kitchen, the first thing I saw was Baldric leaning against a wall, as if something was pushing him against it, and he was staring at his shadow on the ground with a shocked expression on his face. “What happens?” I asked him rather calm as I saw nothing was there.

“My shadow on the floor, look!” He pointed at it really nervous, I looked at it and frowned, not knowing what he was talking about, I saw it was completely normal. “M-my face in that shadow! I-it had eyes and a big mouth a-and the whole thing!”. I raised an eyebrow and put my hands on my hips in disbelief, but then I saw it. His shadow on the floor was moving in a way that didn't match Baldric's actions. Finally, I could see the features he mentioned, it was a terrifying sight. “See?! There it is! What the hell is that?! It's the creepiest friggen' thing I've ever seen!”.

Witness/es: Casimir Hecksher 

Date: Unknown 

Argument: "I dunno man, it was like around 6 in the mornin', the sun was just comin' out and I was doing my daily biking with my friend Eliot as always. He told me he had an audition for some commercial and he left the park we were ridin' in.  

So I just sat down on a bench to drink some water, and then I just stood up to stretch. Then I like, looked to the side, and there was a tree, and I could see like my shadow on it. As I saw there was some kinda face on my shadow, I turned around to look at the sun, and then looked back at my shadow. 

I just like, immediately grabbed my phone and took a picture 'cuz it was so damn creepy!" 

Two for master plan

Picture taken by cellphone in the morning.

Witness/es: Anonymous

Date: Reserved 

Argument: "I guess I have to talk about this, I've never believed in this creepy stuff, but it seems I'm one of the only ones who has seen this strange 'thing' and survived... So I'll just cut the chase, 'cause I promised myself to stay silent about it. 

I was having a small snack sitting at the edge of the fountain on the park, all by myself, it was completely calm. It was afternoon, evening was getting close, and the breeze was blowing a little bit. I had the last bite of my sandwich and stood up to make my leave. ... Man, it was a really good sandwich...

But then this strange feeling, like someone was following me, I heard slight rustles in the bushes on the side of the pavement path so I looked over. I noticed with the corner of my eyes, that my shadow was like... not following me. As if it was trying to 'catch up' with my pace every so often. To make sure I wasn't just imagining, I started running, with my face turned to the side as I was gazing at the shadow. Well suddenly, and not surprising, as I wasn't paying attention ahead, I crashed against a bluff.

I groaned a bit and held my head with a wince as I stood up, but when I looked at my shadow on the concrete on my way up, it was standing there, with its hands in its hips, staring at me as I stood up from my clumsy collision. The creepiest thing about it, was that now it had some weird kind of... face. I was speechless, but for some reason I didn't feel like I wanted to back off. I decided I just wanted to capture the moment with my camera instead of running away. The light of the bluff made the shadow clearer, and when I aimed for the snapshot, the shadow posed just... waved at me?

Three for the master plan

The picture taken with a camera, to the shadow waving.

I tried to walk at a rather fast pace, but not run, if not I would call the attention of whatever that thing was. I glimpsed down at the ground quickly to see if my shadow was back to normal... but it wasn't even there. I gasped. I turned around all the way to find it, but it had disappeared. 

When I looked ahead again, I yelled in pure shock. There was, a slim curvy woman, she was wearing jean black shorts, with thigh-high black heeled boots, and a characteristic violet garish jacket with a hood. In the chest of her jacket, with what seemed to be blood there was written "HB", with a scrap on it. Under the hood, her face was completely hidden. But I could see her eyes, those eyes, white crystals, with red circles, blood red. Her smile was simply inhuman. Finally I realised, that face, was the same face that appeared on my shadow. I had never seen something so incredible in my entire life until that moment right there.

"You've broken a heart... now you'll have to pay for it..." Her cold mischievous voice sent chills down my spine, it really gave me goosebumps. I flinched with my eyes wide, as I stared at her. A normal man would focus on the curves her body had to offer, but considering the supernatural features on her face, I could not move my gaze from it. 

She quickly proceeded to pull at my neck and press it against the bluff, which I'm pretty sure that left a bruise at the back of my head, I groaned. When she threw the first knee towards my crotch, I immediately moved my hip to the side, so her knee was dug into the bluff, leaving a dent on it. I didn't expect it to be so hard. 

While she was trying to unstuck her knee from the steel, I took advantage of it and began running away as fast as I could. When I had reached the roundabout where the fountain was, I needed to take a small break, I panted. As soon as I could hear the woman's heels against the concrete from the distance, getting closer and closer, I looked over with my eyes widen. 

She charged towards me wildly, attempting to tackle me, but when she reached up to me, I managed to grasp her sides and spin her around, diverting her to toss her into the fountain. That's when I panicked and ran even faster than before, leaving the park desperately.

I think I've never felt so frightened in my entire life, until that moment."

Witness/es: Foster Hamilton Schmidt

Date: 28/2/12

Argument: This witness was taken to a mental hospital soon after this encounter, after he claimed experiencing unexplainable events. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Witness/es: Benjamin Zagwin, Johnathan Berkovich and Thorley Matthews

Date: Reserved 

Argument: "I'm Benjamin, I'll be the one to tell the story of us three, Johnathan is getting therapy after what happened and Thorley refuses to talk about it at all costs. But I can describe everything for you if you'd like to know about it. 

Johnathan, Thorley and I, were coming back from a bachelor party of a good friend of ours, and I should remark that Thorley was really drunk. Very. Johny and I were holding him by the shoulders so he wouldn't fall, if he didn't fall, his pace diverted like an electrocardiogram. We couldn't drive with him so drunk, and Johnathan was a bit past alcohol too but he could talk and walk properly. Therefore we had to take Thorley home walking. 

We could have surrounded the whole block, we decided to cut off by the park. It was really dark, but the bluffs gave  fair enough light for us to go by. Although I had my insecurities about it, since I've been hearing rumours about it, still we proceeded to cross it. 

We paced carefully through the pavement paths, listening to all the non-sense Thorley exclaimed in his alcoholic trance. “Ya know, y'all really good pals, 'cuz I could've died on my way home!” He yelled right in our ears with his monotone dizzy tone, due to his excess of alcohol. Both of us smiled at him and nodded, chuckling behind our breath. “Yes Thor, thank you, thank you. It's no problem...” Johnathan said to him patting shoulder in a rather low tone. 

“Jus' look a' that! Tha' gal's smokin' hot! Gotta hit on 'er!” He tried to walk faster at some woman he was probably imagining, but we held him back. “Come on, Thor, there's nobody here.” But he wouldn't look away from that certain spot where the imaginary female he saw was.

“No guys, look, there's a chick there, over there!” He lifted up his arm to point at the direction, his arm of course couldn't stop moving in circles, so I grabbed it and stopped it putting it down again. “Thorley, seriously, there's nobody here apart from us...”. 

“No, Ben, really... look...” Johnathan was now staring at the same spot with a startled face, and spoke with a trembly voice, which clearly showed panic. I frowned obliviously and then looked over. And then I saw it. 

There was a figure standing there, with half of its body hidden behind a tree next to the concrete path at a fairly far distance from us. It was clearly a woman, I could tell due to her voluptuousness. She was wearing black shorts and very high black boots. With a light violet hood, that seemingly had something written on the chest, two letters, but I couldn't make out which they were from afar. I couldn't clearly see her face either due to the distance, and she was wearing her hood to cover her face apparently. 

She simply stood there... staring at us. Not moving a single muscle. 

“E-excuse me? M-miss? Is there something wrong?” Johnathan decided to approach her carefully, I could notice he was nervous, I was too. Something kept us uneasy, even though she didn't seem scary or anything similar. It simply gave me the goosebumps. 

I glanced back at him worriedly as I helped Thorley sit on a bench, that was placed in the borders of a roundabout, which had a big elegant fountain in the middle, and was surrounded by all the benches and bushes. “Sit here, Thor, and please don't move from here.” I spoke firmly looking into his eyes and trying to stop him from swing his head to the sides by gripping his shoulders. I then proceeded to accompany Johnathan at attempting to talk to the lady. I thought she might have been in help, due to the time, it was too late to be hanging around the park. 

On my way closer to Johnathan, I glanced back a couple of times to make sure Thorley didn't move from where he was. And in one of those opportunities, when I looked back at Johnathan, instead of seeing him close to the woman, I saw him being thrown at me, back first. It was a violent thrown, and it came from the spot where the woman was standing. It only gave me the time to open my eyes wide, but then his back crashed against me and we both fell hard on the concrete. 

We stood up with a groan, Johnathan held his head with a wince as he stood straight. I straightened myself after him. “What the heck was that, man?” I asked him with a hint of growl on my voice. He groaned again and narrowed his eyes in disapproval. “That damn woman just grabbed me and tossed me away!”

“Woo, yeah! That's how it's done!” Thorley was apparently cheering the lady for harming us. We both turned out faces at him with a frown in disbelief. “That was her, Thorley!” Johnathan barked at him pointing at the direction she was with his arm. 

When we turned our faces back to look at her, she was standing right there in front of us, we yelped in shock. As soon as we caught good look on her face, we were paralyzed in pure horror. Her features were inexplicable. Big white eyes with bloody red rings surrounding a small black pupil, a really wide smile that showed sharp teeth, and red glistening lipstick on her lower lip. 

Johnathan and I gasped and flinched abruptly, but she didn't move from her new spot. 

“She's not movin', quick, take a pic before she sees us!” Thorley spat out some other non-sense, but then it started to make sense to us. After all, she stood there circumspect, staring at ahead with no movement. Johnathan encouraged himself to cautiously wave his hand in front of her dreadful face. And nothing. Nothing at all. 

“Do it... Take a picture, John...” I muttered to him as I leaned to the side closer to his ear, he nodded a bit trembly in approvement. After that, he slowly slid his hand into his back pocket and took out his digital camera. Then of course took off the flash effect, and carefully took a snapshot of her figure. He kept his gaze on her as he stretched out his arm handing me the camera to see how the picture turned out, and I checked it. I then paced quickly towards Thorley, who was still luckily sitting in the bench, and I left the camera next to him on the wooden seat. 

For the moment when I turned around again towards Johnathan, the first thing that caught my attention was the woman grasping the back of his shirt abruptly and tossing him violently into the fountain as he yelled in panic. I gasped and ran towards him to help him out of the fountain, but I afterwards I noticed she was now charging against me, so I ran in the opposite direction she was coming in (which was towards the bench were Thorley was resting). 

“Ben, get the camera!” Johnathan demanded me as soon as his head emerged from the water, after spitting out the water that had almost got into his lungs. I nodded and quickly swung my arm over the back of the bench and grabbed the camera, then surrounded the bench by the other side, where it would be harder for that strange woman to reach me. 

Still she managed to catch up to me and she slapped my hand upwards really hard, sending the camera into the air, and ended up falling into the fountain. Johnathan gasped, since that was the only evidence we had to prove we had experienced this unexplainable encounter. 

She suddenly threw a violent punch at me, but for my surprise, I managed to stop her fist first and twist her arm, and then push her away, which caused her to stagger backwards a few steps. “Drop it, dude, drop it... Leave it to me, I got this one!” Thorley stood up clumsily and spoke with his monotone drunken tone. 

For my total surprise, and also seemed to have caught her totally off guard too, Thorley pulled the woman closer to him by one hand on the waist and another one behind her head, to then press his lips flatly against hers. She shuddered very abruptly, and right after Thorley pulled away with a much more satisfied face, she fell backwards onto the concrete with a loud thud. It was as if she had just fainted after the forced kiss. And presumably, she did. She had actually passed out. 

That was the right moment where got an opportunity to run away. Johnathan and I grabbed Thorley abruptly by the an arm each other and began dragging him as we escaped, his body facing behind and his legs totally stretched being dragged on the concrete. 

After we arrived home, Thorley the next day recovered from his hangover and we told him everything that happened in detail. None of us has ever gone to that park again since." 


According to the descriptions and the sketches we've been given by the many witnesses, HB Kay's main feature is her hooded jacket, with a violet like color, and apparently the letters 'HB' written on the chest with blood. It has been come to the conclusion that these letters stand for the word 'Heartbroken', after analyzing the events and behaviour. 

Two low pigtails holding her light brown hair hang from the sides of her hood. Her big white eyeballs contain around four or five red blood rings, which surround the small black pupil. 

She possesses a wide smile, very stretched up, which shows her sharp teeth, with red lipstick on the lower lip. 

For the bottom part, she wears black jean shorts, with high black boots, which reach up to her thighs briefly below the shorts, and have heels on the footwear area. 

The same mentioned face can be seen when this phenomenon displays its figure in a shadow, but only the face features, which means eyes and mouth. 

HB Kay's appearance under the hood is still unknown.


HB Kay always announces her presence, first she incorporates to become the victim's shadow, trying to mimic their movements, to appear unnoticed. 

If the victim stares at their shadow for a long time, which is common due to the confusion of it missing some movements, her face will be seen on the place which the victim's face should be on their shadow. If the victim hasn't fled by then, she will probably let herself be seen. 

Up to this point, nobody must try to escape, otherwise HB Kay will instantly manage to catch up to you and murder you for the simple act of cowardly. The only option left to be done by now, takes up a lot of encouragement. Which is kiss her, at least try. Since there was a drunk witness who did so, because of the effect of the alcohol, it is said that she cannot help but to pass out when so. It is thought that is due to her last encounter with love, which left her traumatized. Therefore, as a kiss is a display of affect, and evidently, she cannot take it. 

As studied, the victims attacked by HB Kay, are always male. Always men. It is due to the reason she keeps the pre-concept that they hurt a woman's heart at least once in their lives, and that is what she desires to take revenge on. She holds a deep grudge to Nigel, who broke her heart and it shattered to pieces. As she already murdered him, she needs to quench the desire of breaking more and more hearts, until that empty hole inside of her is fulfilled. 

We beg all men out there, don't hurt anybody's feelings too harshly. And if you already did, may God have mercy on your soul. Nobody in existence still knows when or where HB Kay specializes on focusing her tantrums release. 

It's been informed that many victims died while being attacked by her, but all of their identities have been reserved.

The identity of this murderer has been revealed from the silence of the witnesses, but the secret of her insane heart still hides within the shadows...

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