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Your door opens slightly...You feel a rush of panic, but you figure that it's just your dog entering you room. She loves to curl up next to your bed, after all.

Then you hear rustling from feel a rush of panic, but you figure it's just your mother. "Late night cleaning, eh, mom?" What a spaz... she always does this.

You hear banging in the room right next to you, you feel a rush of panic, but you figure it's just your sister. "Heh, probably arranging her dumb shoe collection again", you think to yourself. She always does this...

You hear someone walking up the stairs.... you feel a rush of panic, but you figure it's just your brother coming home from work. You're so proud of him, he was in the gutter for a while, but now he's raking in the cash at his new job.

You smack yourself in the head. "Why am I so paranoid? I mean, c'mon. You always do this. You freak out when you hear the slightest noise. Pathetic... you're a big girl now, man u-"

Your train of thought stops. You stare into space. You have a horrible expression on your face. Your eyes water and sting. Your stomach sinks. You feel like screaming. You feel like crying.

You feel a rush of panic... that's right... you're not a child anymore... you're a big girl... you moved out of your mother's house years ago...

"That's right..."

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