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I was never one for believing in anything supernatural, such as demons, ghosts or monsters. But there’s always that feeling as you lay down, that someone is watching you, in the shadows, staring, waiting. Once you see “it”, it just leaves.

Your eyes playing a trick on you, yeah, that’s it… just my eyes. We all tell ourselves that, believe it, and know it. Why do we feel some of our dreams, the pain, sadness, fear?

Do our minds have control of our nerves, and are they capable of making us feel anything? And if so, what happens if something is controlling your mind? Can it just make anything happen to you? When you sleep, why can’t you remember falling asleep? It just happens.

Then noises we hear outside, upstairs, at our window… is it really just the wind? As said earlier, I was never one for believing in it, I don’t either. Just some questions that are mind boggling. He sat on his couch downstairs, typing away at his computer.

Alone, blasting music, petting his dog with his foot, ignoring the fact that he was going to be home alone for quite some time. In the back of his mind, that creaking upstairs was just his cats, those fat, twenty pound cats.

He accepted this, until he noticed both cats sleeping the day away on the dog bed. His fingers stopped typing immediately. The music was paused immediately; all that was heard was a slow breathing. What bothered him so much about the breathing was that he was holding his breath. The breathing of the animals was so silent, you could never hear them.

A slow, methodical breathing, heavy, like the figure upstairs was out of breath. Time seemed to stop; Alex did not move in the slightest, the only moving in the room was from the sweat that trickled down his forehead. Finally Alex let out a small exhale. The breathing upstairs immediately ceased. There it was again. The upstairs floor creaking. Alex walked on his feet as lightly as he could.

Hands shaking, barely enough grip to hold onto the kitchen knife correctly. He walked to the staircase. On the ledge looking towards the stairs, Alex could feel eyes on him. He was being watched. The sweat moved also to the back of his neck. Grin. The lips could nearly be heard cracking as It smiled.