Author's note: Hey. I found this on some creepy-urban-legends site.

This is one of the few stories on this list that can be traced back to a real person, including the more frightening details.

A few years ago in Koppel, Pennsylvania, it became common to see a horribly disfigured man walking down the darkened streets at night. He was given the name "Charlie No-Face", or "Green Man", and everyone had their own unique story of when they would see him. That’s because he was one-hundred percent real.

Born Raymond Robinson in 1910, at the age of eight, the so-called Green Man was trying to view a bird’s nest on Morado Bridge, when he was involved in an accident. He touched a power line, which electrocuted him immediately, and caused horrific facial injuries that never properly healed. Because his appearance tended to cause panic and make babies cry, the Green Man spent most of his seventy-four years hiding out in his home with his family.

But at night he would make the streets his own, taking long walks when people were less likely to see him. He didn't want to spend all of his life hiding inside, after all. But obviously, this didn’t work all the time. Hence, he became a living urban legend in his town, and to this day some brave people drive around all night hoping to catch a glimpse.