Gravel Truck

A few years ago my roommate was involved in a gruesome murder. At that point, he had recently been involved with a small, now-shut-down site called Gravel. The website's slogan, displayed at the top of the homepage was:

"Everyone's gravel has to end up somewhere, so why not here?"

It's sort of a pun, everyone's 'gravel' being their whining or gossip or pointless updates about their lives; which was what most of the site was. My friend had sort of stayed in the background of the drama for a while, not attempting to get involved. Eventually, he did. He would spend nearly two-thirds of his day on that site, being one of those gossipy-types I really hate.

One day, he confronted me. He said to me; "Have you heard about what's going on on Gravel?"

"No, what?" I replied.

"There's a huge fight going on, and-"

I cut him off; "You're in the middle of it, I suppose?"

"Yeah, and whoever created the site is not too happy about it. Come take a look," he beckoned me.

He walked me to his computer and showed me his messages. There was one marked 'URGENT'. It read; "This is your final warning. If you attempt to continue this fight, you and anyone involved will have their gravel dumped. Signed, Gravel Dumper."

Kind of scared, I went on to Gravel Dumper's page, just to see what he had on there. All he had on his account were videotapes of gravel being dumped into a large pile from a truck. "Weird," I thought to myself as I viewed all of the files. Like I said before, the 'gravel' thing was a pun to gossip and similar things. But this was kind of odd. Was it a reference to the rocky material, or just an innocent pun? I brushed Gravel Dumper off as just another internet weirdo.

Two days later, my roommate came to me, looking depressed.

"Well, I can't get back on Gravel. Every time I try to open the site, there's a message that says; 'Your gravel has been dumped.'"

"Did you get involved in that fight?"


"Then I don't feel bad for you. You weren't supposed to be involved in that fight, and you didn't listen."

"Whatever, I'm going out to take my mind off of the whole thing."

"Okay, but be back soon though. It's getting dark!" I called to him as he slammed the door behind him.

Later that night, my roommate was found and reported dead. He was found under a three-ton mass of gravel.


Written by OMGitsGhastly 
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