I visited my grandpa in the hospital a few days ago. It looks like the cancer is finally going to take him away from us. My dad died when I was young, and my grandpa sort of filled in the father figure role. My mom's fuck buddies sure as hell didn't. So yeah, I'm close to my grandfather, and I visit him every once in awhile when I can.

It started out like any other visit, I said hello, we talked about school, what I've been doing in my spare time. He told that he had a dream the night before and that he wanted to tell me about it.

In his dream, granddad said he found himself in a dimly lit room, with torches on the walls. There were treasures all over the place, piles of gold that seemed to reach the ceiling, rubies and diamonds lining the floor. Across from him was a man sitting in a large bronze throne, with black skin. "I don't mean black like negro black, I mean black black. No clothes neither, just black skin... oh, and a pharoah hat thing."

The man offered my grandfather a seat, and the two began to make small talk. They discussed the weather, current events, simple things like that. Then the man told my granddad that he was going to die very soon, and that before that happened, he wanted to know everything about his life.

So my granddad just start talking about everything. His childhood, his son, me, and the cancer. The black man just sat there and listened.

"You are a very interesting being," said the black man, "you have gone through many sorrows over the course of your life, and you still wish to remain on this earth. Perhaps we can make this possible."

The man said that he was a collector of sorts, and he was willing to give my grandfather more time on earth for some sort of sacrifice. It could be anything, a memory, a friendship, maybe just a finger. The amount of time, however, was dependent on how great the sacrifice was. My granddad told me he couldn't remember what it was, but he knew that he gave up something.

Once he did, a small pile of gold coins seemed to be added to the massive hill of treasure.

And then my grandpa woke up.

I talked to my mom today. She thinks my granddad might have Alzheimer's.