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A Pontianak (probably fake)

In the Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia there's a similar tale about a vengeful spirit called "Pontianak". It is said that a pregnant woman who has been raped and murdered will turn into a Pontianak when they die.

This female spirit is said to wear a white dress, with her hair covering her face. Legend also tells that the Pontianak will cry. When you hear the Pontianak sobbing and crying softy, that means the Pontianak is close by, and if it's heard crying and sobbing loudly, then it is far away.

To prevent a victim from being a Pontianak, they insert pins to the palms of the victim's corpse. This prevents it from flying. Next, they put marbles in its mouth so the Pontianak won't be able to cry, shout, or laugh. Lastly, they put eggs in the victim's underarms to prevent them from coming out of her coffin.

There are many different versions of the Pontianak. Some say they were cursed by medicine men. Others say they came back to protect their children. What do you think of the Pontianak?