Author's note: Based off of The Walking Dead and taken from my Deviantart page

Look out the window, love.
At what the world use to be.
It was green and alive and beautiful, like you,
And had color and love and light.

Look out the door, love.
At what the world is now.
It is dead and awful, like our souls.
Now that we have nothing left to live for.

Look in my eyes, love.
At what our life has become.
It is silent and gone and forgotten, like the dead,
That wander the earth as I speak.

Be silent, dear, all is well.
The silence that rests on the world,
Like a blanket.
In the night, and it is time to fall asleep,
And dream of anything you could imagine.

Be without voice, dear, all is fine.
The quiet is eerie, and lays in the air,
Like a gag.
In the darkness, and it's time to close your eyes,
And dream of a heaven to be in.

Be alone, dear, all is okay.
The nothingness that stops you from speaking,
Like a shadow.
In the black, and it is time to pass on,
And dream of the after life, I'll meet you in.

Now that you're gone, my life is nothing,
And I hold your hand and weep.
Your eyes still open, smile still lingering,
Still saying goodbye.

Now that you're gone, my life is at ease,
And I hold pictures and weep.
My eyes glance around, my smile returning,
And I realize a simple solution.

Now that you're gone, my life will be taken,
And I hold the gun that I killed you with and weep.
My eyes meet yours, my smile sad,
And hold the machine to my head.

My tears hit the ground, everything blurs,
I look out the window and see,
The dead rising, the world ending...
Everything is hell.

My tears run down my face, everything disappearing,
I look at you and see,
The blood dripping from you, from the wound I inflicted...
Everything is over.

My tears disapear, everything ringing,
I look at the found and I see,
The world shakes, my finger touches the trigger...
Everything goes black.

I see light everywhere, nothing but light.
Did I miss and hit my jaw?
I did.

I see shaking everywhere, blurring and blood
Am I dying now?
I am.

I see darkness everywhere, until nothing is left.
Do I smile?
I do.

Goodnight love, my time is done,
Ever since this disease.
And ever since the dead arose
I was done from the start.

Goodnight love, your time is done,
Ever since you nodded,
And ever since I shot the gun.
We were dead from the start.

Goodnight love, I'll see you again,
Ever since you smiled at me.
And ever since I heard you laugh,
I loved you from the start.

I'll see you soon.