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Lately, I’ve been having a recurring dream where I sense fat and pale hands, covered in shiny gold rings. These hands then grab my neck from behind, then I feel something sharp touch my throat, slicing it cleanly open.

I’ve had the dream every night this week; each time it gets more and more graphic. I grew very nervous, so I contacted a local oneirologist to see if it had some sort of inner meaning.

I met up with him at his office. I told him about the dreams I had been having, and he came up with a conclusion that I was pulling away from family, and that I just needed to reconnect with them. So I said thank you and shook his hand.

But when I shook his hand I had felt a cold sensation pierce through my body, the feeling of cold metal.

I looked down and saw he was wearing 3 gold rings.

I instantly froze - but he just smiled.

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