God is neutral.

Many religious texts praise God for being an almighty, loving entity who is pure, whilst many Atheists argue against the very idea of an existing god, because "he" would be so "evil" and "narcissistic". But once you begin to think about it, you discover that the world could be way worse off than it is, and would be if God was evil; then again, the world could be way better and be lacking in violence, and be a peaceful Utopia if God was good, which leads one to conclude that God is neutral, nothing more than an observer.

An observer to his own creation.

Compare God with a scientist: during an experiment, a scientist knows to think logically and not to let emotion interfere, no matter what. God thinks logically, and doesn't interfere with the experiment that is the Human race, and even Earth in general. He doesn't interfere and make it better, but he doesn't cause evil.

He watches us. We blame God for all the evil, when he's just watching us. While we create it. God won't save anyone, and God won't condemn anyone. He just watches his experiment take place, and he'll be there when it ends.

A scientist is powerless to their experiment. They can't control what happens, otherwise that would defeat the purpose of gathering results from what they theorize. God is powerless toward us. If we kill, rape, murder, shame, curse, swear, or commit suicide; that's nothing more than a line's worth of a note.

Decades of ideas, discoveries, societies, falling of empires, and entertainment; were all just merely small changes in the experiment.

He's all-watching, but he's not all-loving. He's an observer, and we're the ones that decide the results.

Will the experiment be a success? Well, what makes it a success? If we cure cancer, colonize Mars, or create clones; will that mean that God found the answers he is looking for?

Well, what if his theory was that the experiment will fail, and we'll kill each other? Does that mean if we succeed, the experiment fails? Well, we are the experiment, so that is kind of paradoxical; but keep in mind, God is an outside entity, and nature in the other realm could work very differently to ours.

With this, I conclude that God is powerless, and neutral. He is merely an observer, and it is up to us whether he'll be disappointed, or satisfied with the results. But it's not about him, because we think about ourselves.

Do we go against the plan that birthed us, in order to thrive in our own survival?

Are Humans truly just an unnatural species? So many questions, but the answer truly lies within us, I believe.