What’s wrong, my child?

Oh, could it be,

That the shadows on the walls

Become monsters that you see?

Just a trick of the mind,

No need to fuss.

Just settle down,

And please dear, do hush.

It’s the third time this week

That you've said there were ghosts,

And creatures that lurk,

In search of a host.

You’ve seen too many movies,

Read too many books.

Our house is safe from killers,

Yes, even ones with hooks.

I know that it’s raining,

I know that it’s cold,

But that noise is the house.

Remember, it’s old.

Go to sleep, child.

No, I need to sleep, too.

Please relax, sweetheart.

Nothing will come get you.

Okay, fine! I’ll stay

With you here tonight.

And now, are you ready?

I’ll turn off the light.

See, there’s no monsters.

See, there’s no frights.

You will not wake up

With big, scary bites

From creatures that scurry,

Scamper and crawl.

From beings that live

Inside of our wall. you see that?

No, it must be a trick,

I thought I just saw something,

But it vanished real quick.

What do you mean

That what I saw was real?

You saw it too?

You say it wants a meal?

I think being here

Is starting to spook me.

But I know I won’t be eaten

Just like I'm a cookie.

I’ll just ignore

That shape in the window,

I’m certain it’s just

The trees when the wind blows.

But wait, did you hear it?

That was a moan...

And now there’s a voice.

Okay, no, no, no!

I know there’s no monsters

Under the bed.

There’s no creatures lurking

Nothing wants us dead.

Just settle down, hon

Morning comes soon.

But then there’s tomorrow.

There'll be a full moon...

Now I feel chills.

Let’s just try and rest.

Don’t you think

That that’ll be best?

Yes, that’s it, 

Close your eyes tight.

And avoid having nightmares

With all of your might.

But I’m still awake,

For how can I slumber

When I just saw

Something from under

The bed where we sit,

The bed where you sleep.

I saw its red eyes,

But it didn’t make a peep.

No, I’m just paranoid.

I had too much coffee.

I’ll just try and pretend

There’s no hand now on me.

Oh, it was you?

What was the matter?

Could you not sleep

With all of my chatter?

I’m sorry, sweetheart,

Don’t let me wake you.

Just dream of bright sunlight,

Against a sky that's blue.

Get some rest for me,

For I know I won’t.

Trust me, I do want to,

It’s not that I don’t.

But I see a figure

Sitting in your chair,

With skin very pale,

And dark, stringy hair,

With fingers so long,

With eyes black as coal,

It's like there's nothing in the sockets,

Just two small holes...

Still, she's staring at me.

I don't know what she wants.

Who is she, why did she die?

Why is it your room she haunts?

But we'll be alright, my child.

For I think I have a plan.

Tomorrow, my dear child,

We'll go sleep at Gran's.