It is a typical college party.  Corporate pop shit is being squawked out of the speakers by some “artist” that no one will remember in a year.  The air is choked with stale cigarette smoke and weed to the point where eyes sting and coughing is barely muffled by the inane chatter of the party-goers.  Everyone is either drunk, high or both. Everyone except me.

Drugs hold no appeal to me.  They’ve never given me what I need.  Oh, I experimented and it was pleasant enough but it lacked that…spark. What the girl that half-dragged me upstairs is offering isn’t what I need either.  She doesn’t know that as she leads me by the hand to a bedroom at the end of the hall though.  Actually, it’s a miracle she knows anything right now.  The smell of beer coming from her is almost enough to make me gag. 

She has crawled on the bed, a slutty little smile on her lips.  I sit down on the edge of the bed, my back to the girl.  She’s saying…something.  Probably some empty headed nonsense that no one but her cares about.  Too wrapped up in herself to see my arm move as I reach into the leather jacket that I haven’t taken off since I got here.  Like a cat in heat, she slinks on all fours up behind me and nuzzles my neck before glancing over my shoulder.

She sees the bowie knife in my hand too late.

The girl’s eye widen, shock and fear paralyzing her for a moment.  That moment is all I need.  I am on her, pinning her to the bed.  I don’t remember the actual act.  I never do.  I am straddling her on the bed, looking down at her.  Blood and thicker bits dripping from my blade, getting soaked up by the bedding along with the blood that has flowed from slashes too numerous to count.  Her lifeless eyes stare back up at me from her ruined face, almost seeming to follow me as I climb off the bed. 

I casually wonder if she screamed before the end.  It doesn’t matter.  No one downstairs would have heard it over the music and din of conversation.  I move to the dressing table against the far wall and rest my hands on the edge of it as I gaze into the mirror and into my own soulless eyes looking back at me from my bleached white skull.

I got what I needed.