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In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the story of the game itself is riddled with urban legends and strange occurrences. In-game stories range from tales of murderers, extraterrestrials and other strange beings, though many things can usually be dismissed as rumors, much as they are in true everyday life. But one creepy thing does happen commonly in this game.

Venture away from the city and begin exploring the countryside. In woody areas, you’re likely to encounter something fans call “Ghost Cars”. These cars have no drivers, and when they’re on hills, they’ll roll as any real car would while it’s set to neutral.

But sometimes, these cars will chase you, almost as if they’re controlled by vengeful spirits.

I could easily explain why this happens but that would make this glitch a lot less spooky.

GTA SA Ghost Car Hunting07:14

GTA SA Ghost Car Hunting

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