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As you all know, it's nearing Christmas time and many people have already started getting decorations or putting up ones that they have already had. Well, my sister has a little elf doll that she got last Christmas. They call him Georgie. Georgie is the type of doll that people put above the fireplace and tell their kids that, "Santa sent one of his elves to watch you." I don't believe in Santa or any of that other stuff, but I'm starting to believe that there's something 'special' about Georgie.

I didn't think much of the strange occurrences last Christmas, but this year I'm starting to wonder about that little stuffed elf. Last Christmas break, I spent the night at my sister's house. I got sleepy and decided to go upstairs to rest. I said goodnight to Georgie and went upstairs.

The next morning I woke up before everyone else and went down to the kitchen. I realized Georgie wasn't in his usual spot in the living room. I shrugged it off and went to get some cereal. Right before I opened the fridge for some milk, I saw that doll at the top of the fridge, looking down at me. I'm not one to get scared easily so I figured that my sister must have moved him there, even though she's too short to reach.

After thinking about last year and what happened this year, I'm a little creeped out, writing this while a doll is staring me in the face isn't helping at all. This year I lost my flash drive over my sister's house and they couldn't find it anywhere. My mom, dad, and I looked through my computer bag and my purse and couldn't find it. I thought it was the end of the world until, two days later, Georgie was on my dresser leaning on my purse. I looked in my purse again and it was there. I want to thank the little elf, but he's still creeping me out. I could've sworn it just winked at me.

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