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Author's note: I was in a rush typing this. For anyone reading this, don’t blame me for any errors. You’d be the same way if this happened to you. I just pray that I’ll manage to get this online, where more than one person will surely observe what has occurred to me...

I clutched my DS tightly. Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold had come out quite a while ago, but I had just gotten mine.

A 100% legit copy of HeartGold from Gamestop.

I began playing after my mom had finished driving home, dashing up to my room and using scissors to cut the plastic covering the game box.

The game started up like normal and after a few minutes I could finally choose my starter.

I chose Chikorita. It was surprisingly female. I named her Rhea; Cute name right?

After returning to New Bark Town and completing the Mr. Pokémon mini quest, I named my rival Silver traditionally. I then received what I couldn’t wait any longer for. My PokeBalls.

I got into the grass as soon as possible and encountered a Rattata, whom I soon caught. I decided to name him Lee. Everything was normal until I could finally obtain my precious Eevee.

Well, I received my Eevee from Bill, another female, what luck! I named her Genesis because I was out of ideas, and I’m a bit of a Genesis fangirl. That’s not a problem though, right?

I quickly switched Genesis to the head of my party and speaked to her. The game just said that she was 'looking down'. Oh well. I mean, I can’t expect her to be fond of me yet.

I decided to look at her status. Brave nature. That kinda sucks. Though I love Eevee’s sprite. It's so tough, and that makes Eevee look cuter then regular!

I traded a Firestone over from my Platinum to evolve her. She looked even cuter as a Flareon! I wanted to train her right way so I stalked back to some grass with low level Pokémon.

After grinding for a while I talked to her again. The following message appeared:

Genesis wants to know if you love her. and a 'Yes' or 'No' option popped up.

“Weird” I muttered aloud. I selected 'Yes'.

Genesis is smiling sweetly… (How cute!) I thought.

Genesis knows you're lying.

“What? I-It couldn’t have said that.. my eyes have got to be playing tricks on me!” I said to myself. My heart was pounding. Okay, I do admit I didn’t really love her,. I just thought she was really cute.

Suddenly, another message popped up.

Genesis has ran away!

WHAT? That isn’t supposed to happen! I saw screaming in my head.

I checked my party. Genesis wasn’t there. Only Rhea, Lee, and a Gyarados name Jason were.

I shut off the game in frustration, hoping that since the last time I saved was the trade that Genesis would be back. I refused to play the game for a few days, but when I turned it on again something was horribly wrong.

The game appeared to save on its own, because I was in the same exact spot as before…and Genesis was right behind my trainer sprite.

I talked to Genesis, afraid of what would happen.

Genesis missed you! (Another weird message.)

Genesis would like to show you something! Another 'Yes' or 'No' option popped up.

Despite how frightened I was, I selected 'Yes'.

The game faded to black. I assumed it was frozen but finally after about twenty seconds something appeared on screen. I was in a cave and Genesis was leading my Lyra sprite deeper and deeper into it.

As we walked in it, I noticed skulls, bones, and blood on the floor and walls. It also seemed to be that some of the blood on the wall appeared to make out a pentagram looking design...

I could have shut off the game then and there, but I wanted to know what was going to happen.

Finally we had reached the end of the cave. A Bayleef, Raticate, Gyarados, and a few other Pokémon lay in a bloody, messy pile covered in wounds. Obviously they were all dead. Mutilated.

It hadn’t occurred to me to check my party. No one was in it. No one.. but Genesis.

“Of course..” I thought. “Genesis killed them all, that’s why only she is in my party…because she’s still loyal to me. B-but why would she kill them?”

Some more text popped up, Genesis is wondering if Kammie is pleased.

Kammie wasn’t the name I put in. I used the name Crystal…though Kammie is my real name. I quickly checked my trainer card. The name Crystal had been replaced by Kammie. My heart was pounding.

Genesis is waiting for your response… I realized I had to speak into the mic.

“No, I am not pleased. Genesis I do not love you, but killing my pokemon, even the ones in my PC, will make me hate you!” I shouted into the mic. I felt a knot in my throat.

Genesis wants Kammie to love her.

“I’ll love you if you act like a normal Pokemon and be a game!” I continued to shout into the mic.

Genesis does not wish to be normal.

“Well too bad, I just won’t love you then”

Genesis is angry.

“So what? I don’t care if your angry”

Genesis wants to kill Kammie!

With that Genesis’ sprite leaped at the screen from the overworld sprite, and everything on the screens became black.

I pressed every button and every possible button combination rapidly, but no luck. It was frozen like that. Feeling frustrated and ready to give up I turned off the game.

It has now been a month. I have finally worked up enough courage to play again.

When I started up the game where was a picture of Genesis that looked like a skilled artist drew it on a DSi, which I have.

Her head was facing toward me at an angle and her eyes were in a bright red glare. Her expression was was difficult to see if she was smirking or not. Her head had tilted gently to the right, almost as if her neck had gone limp.

Blood was dripping from her right ear onto her tail. Blood poured from her face, onto her mane, and reaching to bottom of her right paw. Her right paw was drenched in blood.

A line of blood crossed from barely her right ear, over her left eye and barely touching the left side of her mane. The background was a strange gray shade. It almost looked cracked.

Text had appeared underneath her.

WAnt tO pLAY wiTh ME?

I shrieked and dropped my DS onto the wood floor causing it to freeze.

I managed to turn it off without opening it, but right after I got dizzy. I could barely see anything, it felt like the entire room was spinning.

I felt like I was being drained of everything in my body. I tried to walk to the phone to dial for help, but as I stood up, I blacked out onto the floor.

I woke up in a hospital two weeks later. My parents and brother were afraid I wouldn’t make it. They'd thought it was because I hadn't been eating. I knew the cause.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed my DS. I wasn't thinking, and next thing I knew I had thrown it across the room, breaking it into two pieces. I felt relieved.

To get my mind off of the incident, I began to play my really old Pokémon Firered version. I borrowed my brothers DS.

I had finally reached the part where you receive an Eevee. I had so many plans, to evolve it into a wonderful, beautiful Vaporeon and train it to level 100 on my Platinum through EV training after I beat the game.

I clicked on the pokeball and instead of allowing me to name the Eevee it gave the following message…

Genesis missed you!

Credited to F Yeah Pokemon Creepypasta 

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