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During my 6th grade, I was a quiet and lonely person. I barely had friends, my parents we're the only ones who I trusted. Well, most people do so.

I do not know, but I for some reason got a PC (heck yea) for my birthday. I was happy and made some friends over the Internet, who were American too. I use steam you know. But that doesn't matter. I met the THING and the things it did, just aren't easy to forget.

March, 2012 I came home from school and decided to play my favorite game: Terraria. I skyped a few people and we played 4 hours straight. I stopped since it was already 1 hour over my bedtime. When I went to my comfy bed, I felt very tired. I began to fall in sleep when suddenly a sort of scream was heard outside the window. I decided to not check, probably some stupid attention whores. But some weird feeling eventually made me get up and check. And what I saw was unbelievable: a girl with her head chewed off, blood pouring from the body and a... a... weird creature that had horrible looks, which scared the shit out of me, until I let out a scream.

The day after I woke up in my bed, with my mom standing next to me. "What happened?" I asked "You passed out" she says. "But didn't you see that thing?" "What thing?" she quickly replied. I realized that she didn't see it. "Don't play tricks on me" my mom said. "I am not, I think I just saw it in my dream." It's night, and I am in my bed. I made myself some tea with a lot of sugar (so it makes me fall asleep quicker). I didn't even get a sip when I heard it again, this time I rushed to the window and saw the same thing only with 2 of them. Dead, pouring blood. The same thing was there, with a terrible smile. I thought I was hallucinating, so I threw a nearby pot at it. The creature didn't even care. I ran to wake up my parents, but by the time I got back to the window all of them were gone. Ending of March I am being watched by my parents, I am in their room. I am playing in my computer, but all of my friends were offline. I guess I'll have to play alone... Night is approaching, I am in my bed, sleeping, by my parents. This time I get a good sleep but a nightmare about it. I wake up sweaty in the night. First thing that catches my eye are... Dead people, all against the wall smiling. It was so terrible I couldn't even scream. Then, my computer turns on and says 1 thing: Friends. Now you have some.

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