The water from the faucet is lukewarm, she cups her hand and splashes it onto her fresh tattoo. She takes her jasmine body wash and squirts a bit onto her fingertips then gently massages the perfumed soap into her skin. One more handful of water splashes onto her arm followed by a careful pat dry with a clean towel. She stands back and turns to the side, eyeing herself in the bathroom mirror.

On her arm is a beautiful black and grey vintage style portrait of a woman with an intense stare and devious smile on her lips. She loves it. She feels so lucky to have come up with such a find on Google. Her best friend got a traditional style pin up from the wall of flash, but she wanted something different and unique, "Just like me," she smiles.

She feels so proud of her fresh ink that she decides to snap a few selfies and post them to her Instagram. She reaches for her phone and sees something flicker in the corner of her eye. She straightens up and whips her head around - nothing. She shrugs it off and grabs her phone.

Her fingers click the shutter quickly. Each photo is taken in quick succession - One of her smiling, one of her with ducklips, one of her looking up - she sees a flicker of something again and stops dead in her tracks. Quickly she yanks the shower curtain open. Nothing. Feeling a bit paranoid she snaps one more picture then heads to her room, making sure to close the bathroom door completely shut behind her.

She plops her body down on her bed and lays down. Swiping through her gallery she smiles. She looks so good. As she swipes past the third photo something feels off. A feeling of uneasiness overcomes her. She pulls her legs away from the edge of the bed and sits on her knees. A quick swipe through the photos - nothing seems out of place.

Deciding to examine them a bit closer she flips back to the first selfie. She is smiling and looks absolutely radiant. Her tattoo looks so clean in this shot. The second selfie is of her with ducklips, still beautiful and still a good angle for her tattoo. In the third photo she is looking up. She's pretty and her tattoo is fresh as ever but looking at this photo makes her uneasy.

She looks at the second photo again, then quickly the third. In both shots she looks good and her tattoo really gleams in the light. She examines the tattoo closely in both pictures. That's when she catches it.

With a shriek she throws her phone on the ground and looks down at her tattoo with wide eyes. It's looking right back up at her.