As I walk down the path something follows my every step, I look back and see them - clear as day.. footprints staining the ground.

Yet, these are not my footprints. With each step I take, I look back some more - those mocking footprints still following me. I break into a run, but they follow me still, they're not my footprints.

I run into my garden and close the gate, locking it tight as I step back - again those footprints follow me, my heart races as fear grips my mind, they're not my footprints.

I rush to my home and shut the door, once again locking up as I slip off my shoes and take a step on the wooden floor.

As soon as my foot makes contact with the floor my hopes dash as another footprint appears different from before yet still there, its presence burning at me like hot coals, even here in the comfort of my own home they follow me.. taunting me.

I let out a scream, run across the wooden floor, and up the stairs, glancing back in horror as those horrid things followed me - an army of them now dotted across the floor and ascending the stairs. Vile, unnatural stains upon my very being, they're not my footprints.

I can't take it any longer, I won't let them get me. I won't let them win. I run with all my might to my room and leap out my window. The pain of glass shattering. The rush of terror as I fell.. then darkness.

I wake up in a bed surrounded by doctors and nurses, they say I am lucky to be alive but one of them informs me I have broken my spine, I will never walk again.

I smile as a wave of relief passes over me, the doctor looks a little confused but I don't care. I start to laugh a little, which makes the nurses raise their eyebrows a little as they ask if I'm okay, everyone is worried but I'm not...

I won.. I finally won.. No more footprints.. I'm free.