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3, 3, 2, 2. Three small washers, three small nuts, two large nuts, two large washers. Put them in the small envelope, fold it, put it in the electric stapler, than put it in the box.
This is what Stephen had to do all day, every day. Just this same repetitive task. He yawned and turned to face the wall to his left......

Suddenly, the wall was made of rock and the room became incredibly hot. He looked back to his work and sighed. He picked up three small pieces of bone, three small bits of bloody, two large bits of bloody meat, and two large pieces of bone. He put the into a small flesh bag, folded it, stuck it inside the mouth of a bat, it bit down on the bag, than he put it in the big skull with the other flesh bags.
Rinse and repeat. After a few minutes, He heard a screeching voice behind him. "ARE YOU OK STEPHEN!?!"
This caused him to drop a few bits on the floor. He turned to face the she demon. "I'm fine ma'am, just a little hot." "Alright, just pick up those pieces and get some water."
He watched his supervisor, a kind old lady, walk away. He bent down and picked up a couple of large nuts and washers. He then picked up a small piece of bone. "Damn" he muttered, putting it into his pocket, "Why don't the small bones change back after being dropped?"

Credited to Vortan

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