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I'm fixing a hole.

It is in my roof.

A roof the retailer said would never get holes.

But, it did.

And now, here I am, stuck with a gaping gap above my head.

I'll be watching TV, look up, and see two eyes.

Looking through the hole.

They are yellow, which I think is unhealthy.

As soon as I look, they go away.

Perhaps I should take a picture of them.

Anyway, I was planning on getting a ladder to go up there tonight and fix it.

But those eyes haunt my dreams.

I don't want to go up.

The funny thing is, it gets bigger and bigger.

It was only about three inches in diameter yesterday.

Today it was five.

So, it must have been that thing that made the hole.

In the first place.

Sometimes it reaches its claws out and snaps them at me.

It frowns, hisses, and goes away.

It is no rat, reader.

No, this...

This is something else.

And I need to get rid of it.


So, I'm going up with a flashlight and a knife.

And I'm fixing a hole.

It is in my roof.

Credited to LonelyRaven 

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