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CASE #(Censored):3:45 a.m.-House set a blazed from what seemed a couple of bad teens.

Parents of have died from the fire, and their child...jynx, no where to be found. last seen wearing a fluffy corset that was blue and arm warmers along with stripped tights colored black. Police officer (censored), arrived on the scene. He reported and stated that:"the teens that have cause this fire, have strangely died from what seems wolves of the night"... i have suspected otherwise...

4:00 a.m.-Teens are being rounded up, put in the body bags for autopsy.. but have no luck finding certain part or areas of the teens such as several(censored), along with (censored), and (censored). (censored): 8:00 a.m.-The child is nowhere to be found, i only hope he or she is alright. Autopsy reports indicates that the teens were "ripped apart" and whats seems to have been "eaten alive". Detective (censored) has begun his investigation. Something about this doesn't seem right... _ENTRY END_

CASE #(censored) Location- hotel(censored): 10:27p.m.- popular kids of a nearby high school were party that night as it indicates in their hotel room #(censored). The bodies were skinned from head to toe on most of them, fatal stab wounds on one of the students. What kind of person would do this? one would ask.. or what could do this...

12:00 a.m.-Hotel neighbors have reported to seeing another teen leaving the scene. As described by most of the witnesses at the hotel, "shes was wearing a a blue leather corset, and a black fluffy tutu or skirt idk", another had said "she had blue or black stripped tights or jeans, and arm warmers." One said "her hair was white and she looked at me with these sliver or white eyes of hers". similar description was at the (censored) House in the case file #(censored).

The next day 7:56 p.m.- (censored)high school party killing. the 'popular' students have been murdered, some of the deceased have been "consumed", by an animal of some sort. A gory sight indeed, like out of a horror movie. the high school has been shutdown for the week, student witnesses have claimed to have seen the missing child, jynx or what is described to be her at the crime scene, crouched over a student who survived the attack. he stated that she said "Good night, sleep well. Don't let the shadows eat you". Not too long after that, the police were called, school was put on lock down. Jynx is still missing and seems to be very much involved in this situation at hand. The hunt for jynx shadows is underway as of now... _ENTRY END_


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