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A symphonic/metal ver. of the final movement of Kefka's Dancing Mad, from Final Fantasy VI.

Song by Quasar

Art by Kanal from Devianart

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- Link- (This can't be previewed, it's a zip folder. Besides... you're already watching it, DAMN IT!) _______ Thanks for viewing. For that, I will put up links for different versions of Dancing Mad. Beginning with;

Cantata for Dancing Movements I, II & III by Jeremy Robson and Derek Oren - A fanmade reorchestrated version of Dancing Mad , complete, with I believe are latin lyrics, all the while, adding a distinct style of their own. No Rock, but it still owns. NOTE: The 3rd movement is not the Final Battle, but an orchestral rendition of Kefka's theme. Which I felt like adding.

- Movement I

- Movement II

Movement III -

Heavy Mad by The Paper - A japanese remixer made this, w/ a heavy metal background and a light orcherstral forefront.. Quite decent to listen to.

- Heavy Mad (All tiers covered)

Fallin' God by The Middle - Fast paced, if somewhat strange sounding at times. Though what caught my ear is the improvisation it often took that kept it fresh. Quirky, is a more suitable word.

- Fallin' God (all tiers covered)

Dancing Mad by moAbi - Another of our eastern friends from the Orient made this remix. Hard to categorize, this song, is vice-versa to Heavy Mad, with the orchestra serving as background, and a lighter guitar lead. Give it try, you won't find it anywhere else.

- Dancing Mad (All tiers covered) (It's in a zip folder, so no preview, sorry.)

Crow's Claw - A metal band that only covered 2 albums worth of FF music. They often have songs that stray too far from the source, but are still recognizable. They only covered the first tier of Dancing Mad, but its completely Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark face meltingly awesome. (I'm a metal fan)

- Dancing Mad (Tier 1)

Black Mages- Nobou Uematsu's own personal FF rock band, if you can get past the whole synth keyboard deal... they're actually pretty good. They also have the best power ballad for the last tier of Dancing Mad, IMOP.

Dancing Mad (All tiers covered) -

by Otaconnor

by Musiko Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

by warinside (aka Blankfield)

[NEW!] Prancing Dad by Prince of Darkness Just listen to it, though it's mostly DM, it constains a bit of One Winged Angel in it, essentially, pure ear candy. of Darkness-Final Fantasy 6, 7-Prancing Dad-DoD.mp3

Ring of Puppets by Analyze - Yeah, you're probably tired of Dancing Mad. To break the mold, this rearrangement is mostly a remix of kefka's theme (and a couple thrown in), in speed metal form. Also, I've thrown in the demo from the album it belongs to.... Vanish Death. (An FF6 album? Go figure...)

- Ring of Puppets (No preview here)

- Vanish Death Crossfade demo

... I am doing this for all of you, so at least leave a comment or give a good rating. You ungrateful bastards....  :P

Send me a message if there are any questions, and I will answer accordingly. If there is any persisting problems downloading MP3s, tell me and I will try to upload them uncompressed on Megaupload. ____ Other bands that play Dancing Mad. Look for them on Google or YouTube.

Guarvail - Best interpreted version of DM (half of it is Rock). They blend seemslessly from one tier to the next, but it could've strayed a little more from the original source, and added a solo or something at least. Still good, nonetheless.

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