John and his father lived a normal country life. They lived out on the country-side, away from most civilization. The closest town was about 25 miles away, about a 30 minute drive if you take a dirt road. They raised animals and sold crops on the farm. John would carry out most of the jobs, he wanted to grow more responsible in his time.

"John, the pig's trough is empty, why don't you go get more food for them?" John's Dad said to him one morning. John would get food for the pigs, they were all on a special diet, you see.

"I just fed them five hours ago, there's no way!" John said in defense, to no avail.

"Do you want our award winning pigs to die of starvation? Their special diet is keeping them alive, if they don't get their meal, they won't be plump and ready for eatin'. You hear?"

"Yes, Dad," John said as he wandered off through the door. Before John went to fetch their afternoon meal, he wanted to see for himself. There was no way they could have finished it in that time.

He pushed open the wood doors that led to the pig pen. He looked into the trough, slightly wrinkling his nose at the sight. Inside the trough laid a man, who the pigs have eaten, exposing bones and organs. Unhesitant, John slung the body over his shoulder and walked off.

"Wow," John said, "looks like Dad was right."