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As I drifted, crystal clear, into the void - between - in here,

I found I sought a single thought, that came to me - indeed - so queer,

In tears I said - aloud to me - perhaps although to you,

"Fancy meeting you here," although I know it wasn't true.

I do expect you to believe (with all respects you do),

That in my peaceful thinking eve, I spoke again to you,

"Fancy meeting you here" rang my mind and voice with tone-

-Alike to that of any cat as if their growls spoke,

I then - again - would drift in zen, uninterrupted yet,

Beneath your very dreaming brain as though to you, your pet.

But then, AGAIN, it seems I said; With thoughts I know I knew,

These "Fancy meeting you here" words although it wasn't true.

And then in full I lost control, the void I used to dwell,

Entirely expired to a swarming mess of Hell,

In truth I know, it was my mind, a simple psychic trip,

But at the time I found it well... they troubled me a bit.

'Twas then, was when I lost my Zen, and when I saw your eyes,

Surprising me enticingly they sang and hypnotized.

"Fancy meeting you here" were the words I say I said,

While you - in truth - were terrified whilst leaned over your bed.

You quickly pulled yourself back up and ran out bedroom door,

While I sunk back to Zen to dream of you, unlike before,

And so tonight you see my face, with grinning, smiling glee,

And you can say, in special way, it's fancy meeting me.

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