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Red Sky2

Jan 1st

Okay so I'm not normally the type to keep a journal or diary or anything but it seems like I might as well. I found this really nice old journal at a stand a few blocks down from my apartment a few weeks ago and decided I might as well put it to use.

Well anyway things are pretty great for me right now. My fiancee and I bought an apartment together. I finally graduated art school and he's looking for a job. I'm so excited just to be out of my parents house and to be on my own. That's it for now I guess.

Jan 5th

So Steph got a job at this lumber yard. It's not that far and it pays pretty well apparently. So our landlords finally off our back. I've also started selling some of my work so that's bringing in some extra money. We're supposed to be getting some kind of crazy electrical storm this week which I'm kinda freaked out about. It would fucking suck if we lost power, we on like this 15th floor of this damn building.

Jan 7th

That storm was fucking wild. I'd never seen anything like it. Power's out. Figures, but it will be back on soon I hope. The lightning was fucking intense I swear our building got hit by something. On the upside, the sky is really pretty right now though. I think I may take a picture, maybe paint it. That'd look pretty nice. Steph's out at work for the rest of the day so it's not like I have anything better to do.

Jan 12th

Okay, so it's been a while since I last used this journal but I've been busy. Work's been pretty tough on Steph so I end up having to do most of the house work around here. Barely leaves me time to work on my art. Some wild stuff has been happening since the storm, according to the news anyway. Apparently down south there's been a string of really violent murders. The FBI got involved and they don't know who did it. Crazy world right?

Jan 20th

I've been really upset recently. Steph and I had our first real fight. I know he works hard but it would be nice if someone else chipped in to help with this place. Remember that painting I started on the sky? Yeah I haven't even had a chance to start it yet. I hope we can work through this kinda stuff. Meanwhile there were more killings on the news. Georgia, Utah, Kansas now California. Starting to get worried.

Jan 25th

I got a really weird phone call last night. It was from my friend from Mike. I hadn't seen him in person since I was a Sophomore in college. We were really good friends all through high school but after he joined the military he hasn't had a lot of time to visit us. Anyway it was really weird, he just asked if I was safe I told him yes then he told me his unit was be mobilized and that we should try to stay indoors. I tried to get more out of him but he hung up before I could.

Jan 30th

Steph and I have been glued to the TV. Some kind of attack happened in Los Angeles. No one knows any details. But apparently a Navy ship, I think it was a Cruiser, just went down in the port of Los Angeles. They said it was an attack and that the LAPD are fighting "monsters." It's very strange I bet this is what Mike was trying to warn us about. I wonder if he's part of the fighting.

Feb 3rd

We saw it today on the news. Apparently they're human, or were. They're covered in what looks like this black sludge, they're eyes are bleeding, their mouths, I don't even know how to describe it. They've been engaged with the armed forces for a few weeks now. Some general was on the news talking about how they can replenish their ranks by using our dead or something. There are helicopters and fighter planes flying over our apartment all the time now. I finally heard form Mike, he said he's fine but he sounded really tired over the phone. He was calling from a pay phone in Denver. Denver, San Fransico, Dallas, New Orleans, and Salt Lake City are all under siege. LA, San Diego, Austin, and Vegas have all been overrun. There was a nuke strike across the frontline but apparently it didn't help. Steph has started trying to build some kind of panic room in our apartment.

Feb 10th

Steph didin't come home last night I'm so scared right now. The President shot himself last night, so did the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs. All channels are saying the same thing, military in full retreat. It's no better anywhere else either. Europe, Asia, Africa, same thing there. We finally know what's doing this, it calls itself the chaotic hive mind.

Those things got to a news crew which broadcasted across the country, what's left of it. The reporter wasn't speaking in English, maybe everyother word was English but everything else was gibberish. Also another word, he kept repeating, Zalgo. I don't know what it means, everythings so dark and it's not just because of the black outs. It just looks like the sky has been blacked out like someone painted over it. Steph went to get supplies from the distribution center a few hours ago and hasn't come back. I can see flashes in the distance, it's from the airstrikes and artillery. What's left of the military is putting up one hell of a fight to hold the city but I don't know how long they'll last. Every hour or so the rate of explosions from the bombs and cannons or whatever decreases. I don't know if that means they're running out of ammo or getting overrun and killed.

Feb 11th

I don't know what time it is. Steph's still gone, I think it's the eleventh. The explosions finally stopped, I can still hear small arms fire but it's brief. What's left of the police and military forces are being hunted down and slaughtered. I can here those things in the building. They just dragged one some my neighbours out of their apartments; I can hear them screaming. I'm hiding in the closet, maybe they won't notice me. But I can hear this voice, it's coming from inside my head. I'm starting to understand it, it's almost like singing, it's so beautiful now that I think about it. Zalgo, he's waiting for me.

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