Have you ever seen those shadows out of the corner of your eye? Heard that malicious whisper in the dark? You really shouldn't fear them. They only want you to wake up.

Haven't you ever considered that you don't know what a human face looks like? The image is the light refracting off an object, and the image is filtered by your brain.  

Except you see similar things in your dreams, when you lie in the depths of your mind, unconscious. What is the difference between a lucid dream and 'reality' though?  

Have you ever wondered if you may have been in a coma? That little niggling feeling of your subconscious warning you that something isn't right. 

After all, you had to hang on to sanity somehow.

A fabricated reality, made by your mind. Fractured memories that you pass off as silly dreams in the morning light. But you really shouldn't have done that.

You've been draining too much energy as they tried to keep you alive. And if you don't wake up soon, they're gonna turn off the life support.

Isn't your subconscious an amazing thing?
Fabricated (creepypasta)01:45

Fabricated (creepypasta)