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I don't think I have much time left. They're all dead. Everyone. Gone, forever. I'm hiding in the bathroom Mt. Berry Square mall. This place has been vacant for quite some time, so I decided to hide here. I will try to tell you as best as I can of what happened. It started about four or so weeks ago. The machines. They were these... things... They fell from the sky, releasing toxic gas into the air, killing anyone and everyone. The gas turned them into mutants. I remember sitting in my room with my sister, then everything started flying in all directions. I woke up, everything was twisted and contorted into strange objects. It's been that way for as long as I can remember... I think. I can hear heavy footsteps near, so I have to hurry. I think it's getting to me. Dissolving my brain slowly. I'm starting to go mad.

I've been here for... I have no idea. It's dark outside and I feel like I'm being watched. All I can see is two glowing blue orbs in the window. Ever so often then go away then come back, in a split second. There's a word for that, but I can't remember what it is. I think it's called, blinking? Anyways, the footsteps outside the door have stopped. For now...

The blue orbs are gone. Whatever it was, it turned around and left. I think it's one of the humans that got mutated by the big mushroom-shaped clouds. I noticed that my skin started to fade into a greyish color. I'm losing my vision, my stomach is sunken. If I don't get killed by whatever is out there, I will die of starvation.

The footsteps are back, but the eyes are gone still. Wait, I have to type very slowly and silently; that thing is in here. I guess this is my final goodbye. Although none of this seems real. I think I have a disease. I'm seeing double, and everything is green and purple. I can't remember anything now.

The zombie has almost found me. It's getting closer. I can hear it grunting right outside the stall door, I can see the blue light shining above the door. Ah, the blue eyes...

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