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Eyes in the Darkness

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The eyes.

It was getting late, I needed to sleep. I switched off the television and began to walk to my room. I brushed my teeth and started turning all of the lights out. As I turned the remaining light off I had a feeling off dread and loneliness wash over me. The whole house was drenched with darkness. I made my way through the gloomy hallway to my bedroom.

I entered my bedroom noticing something unusual, the moonlight that usually lit my bedroom slightly was not to be seen, as if I had been walking into a void. My instinct is pleading me to turn on a light but I am a fully grown man and I know there’s nothing to be afraid of, at least that’s what I hope. I slump myself down on my comfortable bed feeling relief as I would wake up the next morning. I close my eyes and begin to fall asleep...

I have woken up, is it morning? I go to open my eyes and sit up to check but I can’t move I find myself feeling powerless and feeling like I’m being help down by an invisible force, suffocating me in fact. I manage to force my eyelids slightly open, wishing I hadn’t because there in the darkness I see two unexplainable eyes cutting through the darkness burning themselves into my memory.

I am forced to lay there powerless to move and stare at these terrifying eyes for what seemed like minutes, but it was only around four or five seconds before I burst out of the paralysis I once found myself in finding there were no eyes, in my shocked state I find a moment to collect myself of what just happened, I quickly gaze at the time to find to my surprise, three o’clock. I feel my heart beating and my ears screeching as I reach for my light. As I flick the switch a welcoming feeling of light erases the darkness out of the room and I feel safe, but I cannot forget those evil eyes.

I get out of bed and start to turn on the lights in the house, trying to insure myself that the entity that stared at me was gone. It wasn’t until I got to the kitchen when I heard a loud slam of the back door. I find all my fear had returned at once I reach for the knife block, as my hand touches the block to pull out one of my biggest sharpest knives, the light in my house had suddenly vanished. A fuse must have blown or it had been pulled out by whatever was stalking me in my sleep. I begin to feel nauseous and threatened. I want to run to all the back door and lock it but my legs won’t move; I was literally frozen with fear. I can feel my heart beating like it was coming out of my chest.

The silence was deafening, that was until I heard the back door creak open and close quietly. I lay down on the floor hoping this demon wouldn’t detect me and try to make my way to the front door. I crawl as silently as I can to my freedom. I get to the hallway and all is well. The front door is only five meters away from me, I get up in a final rush to leave the house and find someone, anyone. I run to the door, but I feel as if the entity had found me. I turn around and at the very end of the hallway; I see those eyes once again, slowly approaching me from the end of the hallway.

I yell and scream hoping someone would hear and rush to my aid. I turn back to the door wrap my hand around the handle and pull but the door didn’t budge! The door was locked, but with no ordinary lock, it was a deadlock meaning I had to get the keys to unlock it. My hands reach frantically for where the keys hang and I manage to find them, I put the keys in the door and turn and hear the mechanism unlock the door. As I grasp the handle I feel the breath of it on the back of my neck, I turn the handle and lunge myself out of the house and I begin to run for my life I run to the nearest light I could find, just before I could reach it, I fall and hit my head on the pavement.

In the midst of my unconsciousness someone walking by called an ambulance and I was delivered to the nearest hospital, I wake up at nine o’clock, in the hospital with a sigh of relief but not forgetting those unforgiving eyes.

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