Eyes in The Closet

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed the closet door hanging ever so slightly open? When you know, no one has been in there? You normally assume, you did it but forgot to close it, or you think maybe someone else did it? You open your closet sometimes and look around, nothing.

You won't ever see anything. Unless, you wait until the sun goes down. It comes out when you sleep, ever so slowly pushing your closet door open.

It crawls out, low to the ground on all fours to your bed and sits next to you. It puts its face up to yours, and stares. Sometimes its stares stir your sleep and you roll around in bed uncomfortably, rustling your covers.

It likes to make noise in your closet, and play with the doors and lights in your bedroom. Its black bony hands grab your covers and pull them off so you shiver. It puts its mouth right up to you, and breathes its cold, shallow breath on your neck, giving you goose bumps. The stench of its breath smells like decaying flesh. It will continue to toy with you... it loves to play with its food. If it manages to wake you up, and you open your eyes, it will be there, with its jaws gaping open.

It doesn't like it when you see it.