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He wouldn't stop watching me.

For the past ten nights he simply just sat outside my window, not five feet away, and would just watch me.

What was strange was, that during the day, I would go outside to the very spot he watched me from there wouldn't be a single sign, no footprints, no bent grass. This thing would just appear outside my window at around 11 P.M, and not leave a single trace.

I've considered opening my window to yell at him, but my fear of his reaction kept me frozen to my bed. I could only watch him, as he patiently watched me.

I didn't know who, or what this thing was, though it appeared to be a boy, it was far to dark to make out any of his features.

On the 6th night of seeing this person outside my window, I decided to move a bit closer, and the most interesting thing happened. He ultimately mimicked my movements, down to the slightest detail.

I would tilt my head, he would tilt his head, I raised my arm, as did he. I then became enraged after a certain point, because I knew that whoever this person was, he had a messed up sense of humor.

So before turning around and assuming this prankster would eventually leave, I gave him the middle finger . . .he didn't mimic me that time, just remained motionless.

He didn't copy me at all since then, and now it's day 10. I'm really on the edge, I got home rather late tonight and my window was wide open.

Since this guy started showing up, I've kept all my windows and doors locked, but the window wasn't broken or anything, as I never found any broken glass.

I can see him, he is closer to the window, maybe I should just call the police, but they might arrest me, due to the fact I've called them every night for the first three nights, I think they are starting to think I'm psychotic.

'What did I ever do to this guy? I just moved here. I never caused a problem, or insulted anyone, well not directly anyway. Damn this situation has me talking to myself'.

I laid in my bed, trying my hardest not to look anywhere near my window, I focused on any other thing I could, my dresser, my desk, pretty much all of my furniture. Before finally falling off to sleep.


I awoke to a loud thud, coming from the direction of my window, the boy had his face inches from the glass, though I think he is wearing a mask? And what does he have in his mouth? It looks like. .

Ahhh my side . . . What the fuck?

Where did this gash come from?

(Window Breaks)

"No! Get away from me! STAY BACK!"

Written by CreepyPastaJr
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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