Gold Eye by missmuffin90
Kyle drove down the road with his wife for their annual beach trip. Kyle's wife, Janet, was visibly annoyed.

"Just ask for directions for Christ's sake! It takes us two hours to get to the beach, but you had to take the shortcut. We've been on the road for four hours!" Kyle sighed and looked at his wife.

"Alright, fine. As soon as I see someone to ask, I'll ask. Just stop complaining." He drove down the road a little more before his wife stopped him.

"Look, there's a girl right there! Stop the car." The man did as he was told while his wife rolled down her window "Hey, you! Girl!" The girl stopped walking.


"Can you tell us how to get to the beach?" The girl slowly walked over to the car, looking down at her red sneakers.

"Yeah, just keep going down the road and take a left," she smiled, still looking down.

"You can look at us, we won't bite." She nodded and slowly looked at the blonde woman who smiled. "You're a pretty girl, don't look down. Show everyone how pretty you are." The girl nodded before looking back down. "Don't be shy, sweetie." She nodded and looked up again, this time visibly uncomfortable.

"You guys should probably get going now."

"Thank you..."


"Thank you, Chloe." The girl nodded as the woman rolled the window back up.

"Be safe," she whispered, before waving goodbye. The car sped off and Chloe walked into the woods.

Kyle and Janet never made it to the beach. They ran off the road and crashed into a tree only a few minutes after their encounter with Chloe. Kyle survived but Janet didn't. Only a few days later, Kyle found a note on his front door.

There was a reason I didn't want to look at her.