I hadn't slept in what, a day? I was sitting at my computer, mindlessly browsing posts on a somewhat small forum. Click, click, and maybe a few bouts of typing, in between finding threads to post on that interested me in the slightest. I always had a strange affinity for seeing things, but this time it was different. A strange shadow swept across my vision, but unlike the usual strange visuals, I actually... felt it, this time. It felt like a quick, cold breeze, and sent chills across my body.

Surprised, I looked around the room. The shadow that swept across my vision? It was gone, and there was no trace of it. I got up and locked my door (it always gave me a needed sense of security) and sat back down. I went back to my mindless browsing of the forums, never really paying attention to the outside world. I just continued clicking and typing. That is, until the knocks came.

Knock, knock, knock. Three successive knocks, done in small bursts every ten seconds or so. I, still paranoid, cautiously asked who was there. The knocking stopped, and I grabbed the pocketknife that was on my table. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I wanted to know what it was. I waited at my door for another few minutes, before the knocks came again. I didn't answer this time, and the knocks became scratching. I quickly unlocked and opened my door, and for just a split second I saw a strange, humanoid, shadowy figure standing in front of my room's entrance.

To this day, I still don't know if it's just sleep deprivation that caused it, or something more sinister. But since it's happened, I almost always lock my door at night, and constantly check over my shoulder for anything strange.

Written by Spode-an
Content is available under CC BY-SA

Author's Note: This story is actually somewhat based on a real experience, involving sleep deprivation and a 'sabotaged' drink. Good times!