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Author's note: I'll be okay if this is deleted. I was tired while writing some of it, messed up some plot points, and the bad ending barely has any clues to it.

February 13, 2013

I'm recording this story of recent events cuz I'm bored, I've got nothin' else to do, and it's kinda interesting thinking over the last few days and writing about things. I'm Kurenai, 18 years old, and in case this story is shared in other places, the first place is on the Creepypasta Wikia, so that's why my username includes Kurenai. I don't know if it's a name, but I do know some Naruto character has it. Anyway, enough of my pointless talk. I'll start setting up the scene.

I'm in Cuyler, Georgia, in an immobile mobile home. It's one of those trailers that isn't a piece of trash, that you can set somewhere and have it look like a house. Anything worth recording happened after new neighbors arrived. They brought with them one of those stereotypical trailers, the kind you would expect to see in Georgia, if you imagine everything in the south as part of a comedy or horror story.

My mom walked into my room (of course she walked in; nobody ever knocks or asks for permission in this home) and asked if I'd like to go meet our new white trash neighbors (description from my mind, not my mother's mouth) with her and my brother. I told her no, and stayed inside to continue playing Devil May Cry 4. Of course, she was used to me refusing to do things, staying home to play video games. I especially didn't want to meet our neighbors, who look like what all of you probably imagine when you think of southerners in a trailer.

I barely, carefully lifted one of the blinds over my window with my index finger, to peek outside at our neighbors as they met and talked to my mom and brother, like all apes do when they see someone else of their kind. The person that stood out the most was the single mother of the family, with her disgustingly curled hair, obviously dyed an unnatural shade of blonde. She wore a white t-shirt, blue denim jeans, and worst of all, high heeled cowgirl boots, of course.

Next I scanned the daughter, who looked about my age. I might have been interested in her, but she definitely looked the part of teenage slut, like many girls around here. Her hair was black, with blue and pink highlights in the front. She was dressed the same as her mother, only her clothes were somehow even more form-fitting, and her high heels were more fashion-like, not cowgirl boots. Not a sight to stare at...

The last member of our neighborhood's new group, a boy who seemed to be a bit older than the girl, may not have been a waste of space though. He wasn't trying to look like a country or hip-hop star, like most boys seem to do around here. I didn't care to study his dress, as I did with the females. I noticed he had a black shirt with some kind of insignia on it, but I otherwise focused on his face, his hair, the way he stood, the way his body looked as a whole, the calm, positive aura that I could feel while looking at him.

While looking at the young man (let's face it: I was probably drooling), I had lost my care with hiding myself. Everyone outside noticed me, laughed the way they do because they think I act weird, and continued their greetings. I let go of the blinds, embarrassed, and planned to properly meet this guy when our families weren't around. For now, I thought, I'll just get back to killing demons.

They moved across the street from us about a week ago, maybe 6 to 9 days, I'm not sure. The evening of the first day was when I decided to start talking to the boy. Also, soon I would learn his name, so I could stop thinking of him as "That hot boy that just moved here, oh god, I have to talk to him, but I'm too fucking scared to..."

I knocked on the "door" of their crappy trailer, trying with all my might to be confident, knowing I couldn't. The disgustingly trashy-looking girl answered the door, and said "Hi," in a bored, uncaring voice, her face as emotionless as her speech. It was now I noticed her lip was pierced too. Ugh...

"Hello," I started, in my best attempt to sound firmer than jello.

"I didn't meet you guys earlier. I was busy, sorry. Could I come in? If you guys aren't busy or anything..."

"Sure," she said, "Mama'll kick y'out if she wants."

She walked back to whatever she was doing, and I went into the trailer, closing the door behind me. The mother was in the kitchen section of the kitchen/living room that many trailers have, preparing some kind of pastry. She welcomed me with an annoying country accent that I could tell she had just by looking at her.

"Well, hello, Peepin' Tina, glad you're wanting to meet us!"

Well, I'll spare you the unimportant talk. As I guessed, she was one of those types of rednecks that fill their empty lives by talking way too much. I'm not much of a talker, and don't care for being a listener, especially not with an annoying stranger. To my relief, after a few minutes, her son came to the living room to meet me. Well, I'd hoped he came in there to meet me. He talked with a bit of an accent, but that didn't matter, because he seemed in person like I thought he would be from looking at him and feeling his "aura".

I learned his name is Hunter (not an original name around here), and his trashy sister is Madolin. They moved here from another part of Georgia, farther west. It felt so hard to stay a solid form; I felt like I would melt and disappear anytime while talking with him. That's the best I can describe my worst cases of shyness. I asked if he wanted to walk around the yard or roads or something outside. I wanted to get him alone, cause I'm always more comfortable one-on-one, no matter what kind of people I'm dealing with. I especially needed more comfort at that moment.

The mother said her temporary farewells to us in a way that I knew my transparent disguise didn't fool her. She could tell I was into Hunter, and why I wanted to talk to him alone. Hunter and I walked along the quiet country roads, talking and getting to know each other. The family's surname is Christian. That's awesome, I thought. I may have the last name Christian someday. Kurenai Christian... No, stop thinking like that. We aren't even dating or anything... Yet...

It was never hard to get a guy interested in me. I wasn't, and am not, ugly. I don't like stereotypical female clothes, or make up, or piercings, or unnatural hair, etc., but I've always looked good, along with some things... Bigger than they really need to be. The problem is that I'm looking for romance, and it isn't easy to find a young person wanting to settle down. Hunter seems nice, but he's likely the kind of guy to leave after getting a girl pregnant, or to cheat, or whatever. It seems all teenagers are that kind of person though...

Okay, I know, I'm going on too much about this hopeful romance shit. I have more of a story to tell than what this is seeming like. It's just that beginning was so exciting to me in a way only I can know... Anyway, by the night of the day they moved there, I knew Hunter Christian was single, interested in me, and thought I was a good kisser and cuddler... Get your head out of the gutter! I didn't have sex with someone I just met. We just spent the night together. It felt so peaceful...

I was awakened and asked to leave at about 9 in the morning of the second day they were there. The family was going to see some horse show or something, and had to get ready soon. I would have liked to watch Hunter change... But I left, happy. I went across the street to my home, and was bombarded with annoying questions by my mom. She wasn't angry, she just has to get nosy every time I like someone. Well, to be honest, it is rare for me to hang out with someone rather than stay home and play video games, so it was obvious I liked the neighbor boy. When I finally got away from her, I went to lay in my bed. I was tired, but I felt good, calmer than I'd been in a long time.

But no... The calm didn't last. Lying in my bed, I had a worse comedown than you could have from any drug. Well, I imagine. I'm not a user of drugs. I've had weird paranoid thoughts before. But my feelings and thoughts came from nowhere. I had no concerns or thoughts like this until my comedown. I know this is going to sound stupid. It did sound stupid to me! But I had the strong feeling I had to find out more about the Christians. They had... A secret? My feelings didn't come in words, but I felt the feeling of a secret I was compelled to uncover. And what's even weirder: I felt this was an order from God.

God put it in my mind to be paranoid, and uncover some secret about the new neighbors. What in the motherfucking Hell was I thinking?! My feelings/thoughts felt/were as vague as my descriptions sound. God telling me to find out something about them? It doesn't make any fucking sense. But it was true. I felt it. I knew it. There was a sense of conviction in this nonsense. I had to sleep...

When I woke around noon, I didn't feel like I had pressed a reset button. I didn't feel refreshed. I felt as though my morning nap had not effect. I still felt, I knew, that I had to find out something, and that God wanted me to. God is putting these feelings/thoughts in my mind? Sorry for the repetition, but the question went through my mind countless times.

I never before understood when people say they ponder something multiple times. But every time I thought of God's influence in this, I had to question it. It seems so weird... I felt scared as I thought of getting out of bed. But after minutes of feeling the fear of what I was about to do, I got out of bed and looked out of my window. The Christians' busted up pickup truck was gone.

My mother was out doing something, and my brother was still sleeping. I had to do it now, in secrecy. I had to search their trailer. I walked out the door of my house, determined to do this, but also feeling like this was a nonsensical dream. I walked across the road toward the trailer with purpose. I turned the knob and pulled and... The door opened... It wasn't locked? Weird. Now I was even more afraid. The door being unlocked, such a weird thing, led my mind to believe more that something may be wrong. I really hoped I was just going to be breaking in for no reason. I told God that I hoped there was no reason for me to go into the trailer...

I didn't know what I was looking for. I started looking around the kitchen. No knives or swords covered in blood. No poisons or anything like that, not even rat poison. I searched what could be named the living room. There was a TV a crappy couch that could seat all 3 family members, VHS tapes sitting near the TV, and otherwise normal den stuff. I'm thorough; I searched everything. I searched for any weird things written on papers, any weird items, I looked for anything that wouldn't be out of place in a Creepypasta.

The only thing in the living room that could be in any way supernatural was a wooden-looking cross hanging near the door, but that just shows that they're not dangerous, really. Wait, why was I all creeped out? Even if God wants me to know some secret about them, it doesn't have to be something bad. Or maybe they're just criminals, nothing supernatural. But that isn't what my feeling sent by God told me...

The nearest bedroom was the tramp's, Madolin's. Sorry I keep calling her a tramp. But if you saw her, you could tell with one look. I searched her room. I took my time and kinda had fun with it. I found more proof of my opinion of her, like lace undergarments, birth control, etc. I'm sure there's more to her, but I can't stand people who are sinful in that way. Still, this room had nothing that sated my craving for a secret.

The only other bedroom was the one I spent a night in: Hunter's. I hadn't thought of it the day before, but I guess Mrs. Christian slept in the living room or something. I felt like I wouldn't find anything else. But I did get excited knowing I was about to look through the room of the guy I like. Wait, that sounds like something a stalker would think... I didn't care though. This was all crazy anyway. I wouldn't find anything.

I did find something though. After rifling through his underwear drawers (of course I was searching for demonic things, not underwear...), I looked on the small table beside his bed. What stood out to me was a little red notebook, one of those you could almost carry in your pocket. I looked in it. It was obvious soon that it's a diary. I looked at the latest entry.

"Saturday morning

We finally moved to Cuyler yesterday. I'm writing now cause I've been with Kereni all night. Ill never forget that name Kereni. Shes great. I'm glad we moved, and can get to work here. Theirs more Damn work to do today, so I cant see her again till later. cant wait...."

I was very happy to see what he thought of me. I felt I shouldn't read any more of his personal writings though. I'd looked enough. Whatever went on in my mind to make me think God told me to snoop around their house was obviously irrational. I went home.

Later on the day that I broke into the trailer, and during the next few days, I hung out with Hunter, trying to avoid his talkative mother as much as possible. I was so happy around him. It's like we were made for each other, if God would ever do such a thing. I thought to myself that he may be like me, wanting to be with someone forever. I'd hoped he felt about me the way I felt about him: already thinking this would work maybe forever...

But during all the time I was away from Hunter, I had that same feeling. It grew stronger. It felt like God, and even my very soul, was yelling at my mind to do more. I tried ignoring it. Then it came into my dreams. My dreams for a couple nights were just me standing in emptiness, with my mind being stressed to find out something about the Christians. What the fuck was going on?!?!?!

Then the morning 3 days ago, I realized a contradiction. They said they were going to watch some kind of horse race or a rodeo or something. They didn't mention anything about work. In fact, the diary entry also mentioned that they came to Cuyler for work, but they haven't left except for that one day, and they lied then. I realized I had to read more of the journal. It was my only lead to fulfill whatever either God or my newfound schizophrenia wanted me to do.

I went to the Christian home to hang out with Hunter, hopefully in his room. They were okay with us hanging out in his room. While I was around Hunter, I temporarily didn't care about my strange duty, just like it always stopped bothering me when I was with him. Oh how I wish that peaceful feeling could have stayed with me... Hunter and I laid in his bed, talking, cuddling, kissing, furthering the happiness we were building together. I wish he didn't have to go help his mother prepare lunch..

I was left alone in his room, with the same calm relaxation. I should have helped him with the meal... But a couple minutes after Hunter left the room, a powerful sense of urgency came to me. Without even worrying or thinking about it, I looked for his little red diary. Luckily, he wasn't very neat. The booklet was in the floor, under some clothes. Maybe he wouldn't even notice it was gone if I returned it in a day. I slipped it into my front pocket, in a way that I hoped nobody would see it.

I didn't read anything in the diary then. I spent the rest of the day in the trailer, with Hunter, of course. That night, we had a deep conversation. We realized... Okay, I know this is stupid, but after only knowing each other for nearly a week, we decided we would be together forever, even though we were both aware our feelings for each other wouldn't always stay this strong. That night... He took my virginity. And I believe him, that it was his first time too. He seems to be serious about this stuff, like I am... Never mind, though. That's personally special, but there's more of my story to tell. I couldn't stay in his arms forever...

Two days ago, I went home and started reading through Hunter's diary. I have the diary now, so I can tell exact copies of what he wrote. It seems he started writing in it a few months ago. I'll record the more interesting entries here. It was clear Hunter was very similar to a normal teenage boy, but he was also much more...

"Our first day of work today..... Were in New Orleans now doing our first jobs. We started slow, just emptying a couple humans and sending them wherever The Man gave us power to send them. I wish we could of stayed home......"

"This work is BS. HE has us doing it, and only HE knows why its' important. I keep wondering where they're souls are going, why HE wants them there. I asked mama if I could ask Virgil 4 more info. She bitched about not forgetting our place and being ungrateful and whatnot. Its not like I want this job anyway / Mama does tho..."

"Ok, Ok, Fuck no! It wasn't right... But we had to do it.... I cant believe we had to empty a baby today. A newborn human. Along with the rest of his family. We've just been doing this for about a couple months, but Im about ready to go tell The Man to go fuck Himself! I don't even care anymore. Their just humans but...... Their innocent... I dunno y but I care about that now....... Mama and Madolin sure as Hell don't."

"Were in Georgia now, still sending souls to somewhere, IDK, I dont care where were putting them. Even if were sending them strait to The Man's Pit, I dont care. It just fucking sucks! I'm tired of being in this place. Shure, God made The Lake a worse place than this planet, but Im so used to our life there... I wanna be home. I dont wanna be emptying these humans. Cant HE get some other people to do it? I don't think descendents of the Great Fallen Ones can cry but... I wanna cry."

"That preacher from Alabama followed us here to Georgia. Madolin almost died, but I saved her. The preacher is dead, and we have his wood cross, which is the only thing we've seen that's been able to hurt us. Were going to keep it safe with us. .......... Im so Damn bored...."

“Finally, weve got are last job coming up. A place called Cyler. 1 more family of innocent humans…. I ain't got nothin else to care about… just wanna relax at home…….”

I had such a strange feeling after reading through the diary. I was scared, but also… I felt a bit blank. Hunter seemed very disturbed and depressed until he came here. His entries have been happier since he met me. I knew that his affection wasn’t faked, at least… Wait, why was I so worried about that at the moment? My family was probably the one they were tasked with “emptying”, whatever that means. I could only think of horrifying possibilities.

I knew now that God wanted me to protect myself. Even if it wasn’t the Lord, something wanted me to know the Christians’ secrets. I was so glad that Hunter wrote about a preacher who blessed a wooden cross, and that they kept it in their home. They think they can keep themselves away from their only threat by keeping it in their home, but now I knew the power it held. I decided… To talk to Hunter. At the same time as I knew it was a very stupid decision, I trusted him.

On the evening of the day that I read the whole of the diary, I went to visit Hunter again. A fear as great as that of standing on the edge of a cliff boiled inside me as I waited for an answer to my knock on the metal door. Mrs. Christian opened the door with an annoying observational line:

“Well, you may jus’ hafta move in, with how much yer seein’ of Hunter lately. Come inside, darlin’.”

I rushed to Hunter’s room, in which the young man (the word demon ran through my mind, hurting my heart at the same time) was reading a book. I saw the book was Insomnia by Stephen King, one of my favorites. But I got him to take a break from reading to talk.

“Hunter, I,” I started, but was slowed by fear, and let out a croaking/moaning sound as I searched for more words. I decided to let him start the conversation, as I gave him the non-verbal cue of pulling the small red book out of my pocket, placing it in his lap. I then sat down on his bed as he sat up.

Hunter was also speechless, and stared at the floor of his room with a look of the same kind of fear that I had. After what seemed like too long (but probably only a minute) of this, he stood up, closed the door of his bedroom, and sat back down. I was finally able to ask the first thing I desperately needed to know. “Am I… Are… Is my family the one you… Need to empty?”

He nodded, still with a look of fear on his face. Why did he care so much? Why was this demon afraid? Why did God create such a possibility?

“I don’t want to empty you, Kurenai…”

“I know,” I replied with a shaky voice.

“Honestly, I got tired of emptying humans a while ago. I never really cared for it in the first place, anyway. Mama and Madolin share the same mindset as most people: they hate humans for being born in better circumstances than they were. Y’see, us descendents of the Great Fallen Ones ain’t done anything to deserve our place in The Lake. But all cause of The Man and the Great Fallen Ones, we’re usually trapped up there. Oh, I’m so sorry, Kurenai!”

“Sorry for what?” I asked.

“For calling Satan ‘The Man’. Man is an insult where I come from. Those of us that ain’t brainwashed into worshiping him as a king came up with that name for him. He’s ‘The Man’ cause he was a petty dumbass, something more common in men than in angels. I hate what him and the Great Fallen Ones did, but I don’t have anything against you humans.”

“This is so… Weird,” I slowly managed to get out. “I’d always thought… Like, if I came face to face with a demon, he’d be deadly and hateful. Your family are like that, but…”

I was cut off by the demon. “Kurenai, I love you,” he said as he sat closer to me, and held me in his arms disguised to look like human arms. The thought came to me that his body wasn’t his real form, if what I know about angels and demons is true. Angels were already monstrous, and I can’t imagine what a cast-down and burned monster would look like.

“I’m not 18 or whatever you thought; I’ve lived 109 years. They’ve all been in The Lake, at least ‘til Satan became able to put us up here, less than a year ago. I know you’re what I’ve been missing all this time. We’re supposed to empty you, but…” he acted as if he was scared of what he was thinking about.

“But what?” I asked, impatiently.

“Satan… He isn’t all-knowin’ like God is. He don’t know what’s goin’ on, only that we’re in your realm and when we empty humans. Maybe… Maybe we can fail; maybe you keep us away somehow. We have a contract sayin’ we can’t go back to The Lake ‘til all our work is done. I really don’t want to empty you, hon, cause… Cause I don’t know, maybe don’t want to know, what emptying humans has been doing to their souls…”

“What about,” I was scared to ask about it, but… “The cross?”

“Maybe… Yes! Take it! And keep it away from us, please, if you wanna stay safe.”

We both sat for a bit, thinking, being scared. I felt so much going through my head. This was such a complex and weird situation… My emotions were all over the place.

Hunter and I spent the day together. I was to steal the cross in the morning while the female Christians slept. After we thought up the plan for my family’s safety, we talked a lot. The day was similar to the other days we spent together. I felt the calm feeling around him, even with the fear. We talked about what life is like in Hell, or as demons call it, The Lake. We talked about God, Satan, the fallen angels, and all the things that a human Christian would like to hear about if they could talk to someone more knowledgeable.

I also told Hunter about human life, and our realm. He seemed to be okay with my strong religion. With all we knew of each other, we were still strong together. After making sure nobody else would see, he even showed me his true demonic form. It is unlike anything humans are familiar with. It was kinda reptilian, kinda avian, kinda human, but mostly… Fucked up. That’s the best a human can describe him, anyway… But Hunter locked the door’s room to make sure his family members wouldn’t walk in on us, he (in his true form) and I continued the day like the other days we spent together.

Being with that demon filled something in me I’ve never been able to fulfill. I’d always felt empty, passing time with video games or reading things on the internet (like this wiki). I didn’t want the day, nor the sleepless night, to end. But as the time came for me to steal the blessed wooden cross, Hunter remembered something he wanted me to know.

“The reason we take things slow and act more human is we’re bound by some rules. It was hard for Satan to put us here, and for some reason, we can’t interact with this world as freely as humans can. The hardest rules to get around while not seeming suspicious and getting our work done are these: 1: About a quarter of the things we say aren’t sincere or true, and 2: We can’t go into the home or room of a human with a soul without their permission. Baby… Please take the cross, and remember that second rule.”

Hunter and I stayed in an embrace for what felt like another hour, silent. I finally decided I needed to get up before “Mama” did. I took the cross from its hanging place, and went to my home. I knew my mom would leave for work, and my brother would leave for school soon. I went to my room, closed my door, made sure my blinds were closed well, and held onto the cross.

A terrible sense of horror and anticipation flooded me, because I knew those bitch demons would wake sometime, see their cross gone, and eventually figure out I took it. Oh how I wished to be in the embrace of Hunter’s cold not-quite-arms again… But I had to be strong…

I played more of DMC4 in these early morning hours. I thought destroying demons in a video game might help me feel better, but of course it didn’t do much. I eventually heard yelling and arguing coming from all the way across the street. They were arguing about the cross being gone, probably placing blame on Hunter, even if they thought he accidentally let me get away with it.

My mom and brother had already left. I’m glad. Mrs. Christian came over, trying to receive an invitation into the house. It started as polite, I guess in case I wasn’t the one with the cross. Then she realized she was correct, and became angry. You can likely imagine how angrily she yelled and beat on the door and sides of the house. I wondered why she didn’t break my window. Maybe it was something demons can’t do in our realm. I know she was desperate though. Now I knew about them, had their only weakness, and was preventing them from achieving their only goal on this Earth.

Eventually, the old cowgirl-looking bitch quit. She went back to her trailer. Hunter was sent to trick me, or convince me to return the cross. He went along with their plan, going behind my house, out of sight of the trailer. He talked to me telepathically, only because I allowed him to. He told me he would hide behind the house until he came up with a plan.

The female demons stayed in the trailer all day. When I would turn away from whatever video game I was currently playing to carefully peek out of my blinds, I would see them staring at my bedroom window. Once, they were in their true forms, expecting me to look (I’m an idiot.). That freaked me out, of course, but they were pretty much fucked if they wanted to get to me now.

I was feeling pretty safe by the end of the day. It felt good to be able to overcome such a terrifying situation. Mom came home at her usual time, but my younger brother wasn’t home yet. I guess he went to hang out with one of his friends again. He came home late at night, as I was finishing my internet reading and about to go to sleep. I was so tired… I heard a knock on my door when I was about to turn my computer off. My brother asked if he could come in and get on Facebook on my computer. I told him he could, cause I was about to sleep. I laid the wooden cross under my pillow, and finally got to rest.

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