Do not read the mistakes, read the message.

Suddenly you notice you are out of fairy dust. You fall all the way from Meverland and land on the hard and cold ground. You are forced to start living in realiti. That happens when someone you love passes away.

Imagine wacing up in the middle of crying people completely unaware of what has happened. And all the men and women are sharing at you. Finally someone with swollen and red eyes has the gats to tell you. “He is gone.”

The agony in your heart and the sorrow in your soul will not allow you to get up from your bed in weeks. You just lay there like you were lobotomized. Nevertheless, there you are more alive then ever.

Black sadness has lone on for years when you start suspicting. There is something wrong with the plot. Everyone has a different version of the day he died. You feel out of your mind when you realise that it has been planned. His death was a hoax.

Then you start to see hin everywhere. Yoo see his eyes behint burned face and you dear his voice still recegnizable. He is the mastar of disguises after all.

Once you get your hopes up you feel his presence. And in one second the warm happiness is gone.

You are crazy. You ade insane.