People have never thought jealousy could be taken to such an extreme level.

There was a woman; she still lives to this day. She had so much jealousy in her heart. Jealousy towards those who appeared more beautiful.

She hadn't intended that it would become a daily ritual. She would see a beautiful woman and grow envious of them. She would stalk them until midnight, then follow them into their homes. Once their guard was down, she would skin them.

She would leave the bloody corpse where it laid. She would travel back to her home. She would stitch the skin together and she would wear the skin. She would frolic and dance around her house in another flesh. She would sew the features she liked to her own body, replacing the original. To this day, not a patch of her skin is her own and it will continue to change each day; an ever-changing ragdoll of pieced humanity. Her jealousy fuels her life and fills her literal meat sack of a body.

Envy can never be satisfied.