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I had been sent to my grandmother's house for the week as my parents were going away on a holiday. My grandmother lives in a very large house in a small town about sixteen kilometres north of a larger city. My grandfather was overseas attending a wedding for some reason. Their house had been emptied, and as they were needy for money they rented out their main house and stayed in this one.

Anyway, my grandmother's house was enormous. She had cleared out everything to her new house down south because nobody had bought the house yet, so there was a lot of room. Since there were no motels or anywhere else to stay around, we had to stay in an empty, cold, massive house. I slept on a sleeping bag in a corner of the living room. I could hear the sound of wind whirling above which didn't surprise me as this house is built at the base of a mountain, and it usually gets windy here. But it just whirled all night, and left me staring at the ceiling, contemplating what was making the sound.

The house was two story, but it was never finished so there was a whole second story just empty and dark, with no way of accessing it, but how could so much sound be coming from there? It sounded like a tornado. Since my grandmother had lived here for so long, I asked her. She was still up reading a book, Cross Sitch by Diana Gabaldon. She said "Just the wind. Please, It's just the wind. Go to sleep." She sounded worried. I managed to sleep.

The next day I decided to explore the house. It was my second time visiting, and I didn't remember much from my first visit. I took a look at the house from the outside. There was a large window on the front of the 2nd story, and another window below that which looked into the living room. I looked hard in the 2nd story window, and decided to wait until later when the sun would shine directly into it. I went back inside, played on my phone for a bit and received a text message. It read "Do not try, or else the sun will never position itself there again." It was from a number that read "1." Strange, I thought and continued delving through all my apps, finding one to amuse me.

I was quite worried about the text, but I decided not to tell anyone. When the sun was perfectly positioned and shined right into the window, I went out and peeped inside. There was a shelf, and what appeared to be a body hanging from the ceiling. I felt sick and queasy, and had a headache. I closed my eyes and started rubbing as they got itchy, and when i looked again the body was gone. The curtains were shut on the window.

I told my grandmother of this, as it prevented me from sleeping. She did not react very well. She said "Call your grandfather and tell him he needs to come back now. We're leaving." I called him and he seemed angry at me, but calm. I asked my grandmother what this was all about. She said "This house, the 2nd story was never finished as you know, right? I'm not going to go into detail, but the builders decided no one should deserve to observe the horrors in there.

It is unsettling knowing what is above, but as long as we are quiet and respectful to the house, they will not bother us. Have you done anything disrespectful or silly?" "Not really, apart from when I started throwing a tennis ball at the roof during the whirling I heard" I said. She grunted and said we're stopping at the airport to meet my grandfather. We took him and we drove out to the country to a church. "Why'd you do that?" he said. "We can never go there again."

The horrific image of the hanged body was fixed into my mind, and the more I thought about it the more detailed the picture became. The church was full of people - a lot more than I would expect for some remote church in the middle of nowhere. I received a text - it was from the 1. number again. I read it - It said "You have been presented with a horror - expect more" I showed this text to my grandfather and he smashed my phone and said " No technology! What you have done has bestowed a large burden upon us!"

This church was larger than my grandmother's house, which I continued to think of. What were the other horrors my grandmother was referring to? I didn't want to find out. My grandparents really needed the money, so we weren't going back to their house for a while. We stayed at the church.

It was still quite populated at night, as there were beds along the wall and a room with beds. It was as if it was designed to accommodate. The hanged body continued to disturb me, and I was still mad at my grandfather for breaking my phone, but it was probably for the best. That night, I slept in the presence of about 12 others. This really soothed me and allowed me to sleep, for if anything happened, 12 others would experience it too.

I was awoken at 1:00 AM by the church bell. So was everyone else. We went back to sleep and we were awoken again, at 3:00 AM by the bell. There was no way to ring the bell apart from the bell room which was locked, and was confirmed to be empty. I woke up at 5:00 AM to the bell, but nobody else did. Everyone was fast asleep. I received a text, which bewildered me as my phone had been smashed and somehow appeared on my bed. I was breathing heavily and my heart was pounding. I opened the text. When I did, I had blacked out. I woke up in a forest. I ran and ran, terrified. Every two seconds I would receive a text reading "Inexorable Death".

I got a text from my grandfather, alerting me the phone that had appeared on my bed was the same phone he had smashed. It said "Run. Don't look back. Just run."

He was too late. The bodies of everyone I had seen and socialized with at the church were nailed to the trees, rotting and decomposing. The same hanged body I saw in the house dropped in front of me, through the trees with a note nailed into its eye, reading, "HAVE RESPECT FOR THE DEAD." I blacked out again.

I woke up in a cemetery, lying on top of a grave. I saw my cousins playing, and my family weeping above a grave. I went over and saw. It was as if I was a ghost. Nobody could see me. I went to the grave everyone was mourning, and the coffin burst open and it was the same body I had seen in the house. Everyone's neck instantly rotated from the positions they were in, staring at me with no pupils. They began to decompose. My cousins, children they horrified me - they had loved me so much and played with me all the time, and were now rotting and turning into piles of flesh. The body levitated out of the coffin. It said:


I spent the rest of my life in a mental asylum, constantly being visited by apparitions of dead people, haunted by eerie sounds. The last words I heard before death - "You will never know peace."

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