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Cheers, applauds and roars, the elysium holder had come!

So gather around, hark these words, for within his jars are sweetened dreams,

tender, kept carefully, the allurement of the century,

a liquor of elysium, succulent and top finery,

'So come, and come! Buy your share!'

The people had gathered, money exchanged,

jars sold in moments, people sickened with dreams,

A single sip the rumours had said,

you'd feel the meaning of true happiness,

you'd discover the world in its true beauty,

Freedom from human nature, elated and serene,


So they sipped and sipped,

and with every sip

their eyes would become illumined,

sparked with the imagines of a world of pure perfection,

But the beverage never lasted

The jar would empty,

The serenity would fade, break, distort

And it would hurt,

a hideous, crude pain would acidify minds,

for exposure to pure happiness,

showed the world in its true colours,

naked and sickening, the world's


All exposed by cloudless skies.


The elysium holder clapped his hands together,

applauding the masterpiece he had produced

"Now, now! No need to fear! There is still-

one last jar."

Their greed of indulgence had left them empty.

The crowd would scream, a drunken pain,

They needed elysium,

to taste the impossible once more,

Beasts and savages, a morbid transformation,

Humanity and its morality no longer in tune,

Roses had fallen as thorns had rose,

A galore of reddened smiles and perfume,

Warped and twisted were those eyes,

all had closed by their own strife,

An impish grin, as the jar was withheld

A chuckle was heard, deaths silence expelled.

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