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I thought it would be a good idea. I thought I could lock myself in, that I could keep them out. I even thought I could wait them out; I'd have a fresh water supply, I'd be able to hold out for weeks. It's not like they could break down the door; they're so small...

I rolled up a towel, got it nice and wet in the sink, stuffed it at the bottom of the door. I turned on the fan, just in case they tried to come around through the vents. It also helped to drown out my family's screams...

I must have fallen asleep. I woke up, now hearing nothing but the fan's steady hum. My mouth was dry; I got a drink from the sink. I realized the water still flowed; whatever these bugs were, they didn't get too bad, yet, if things like that still worked.

I realized that I could hear a knocking sound from somewhere. I tried to find it; it seemed to be coming from the shower wall. Maybe someone was in the other room, trying to see if anyone was around. Maybe my sister - when I ran, they didn't have her, yet.

I opened the curtain to knock back, and I saw it. Black, sticky, bulbous.

An egg sac.

And it was cracking open...

Posted on /x/ by Glen Balzac !TsV4DJLJGA

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