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In your reverie you notice that your vessel seems to be rocking too fast amongst the waves. Suddenly with a thunderous crash you are thrown off into the bustling sea while a tumultuous shriek escapes your mouth.

It seems the waves are too powerful. As you struggle to keep your head above the water, you still can't manage to scream. A larger current forces you down as you thrash in the deep. It's too late now. You can't stop fighting it despite how much you know it's impossible to survive. The water grasps your lungs as the final remnants of your life are stolen away from you.

You awake with a gasp to find your mouth has housed a large puddle of some liquid. You cough some out as the strangely metallic taste finally becomes comprehensible. Before you can think your forehead is struck by a single drop of liquid. You look up to find a large red pool accumulating on the ceiling.               

It seems your main course has finally exsanguinated.

Written by The_Zog.
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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