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Sometimes throughout life we struggle through the hardest times, may it be losing a home, family member, or even just being piled on with so much stuff. The thing we wait for, beg for, is the time we can finally get some shut eye. But the reason why we wake up in a daze is because you were completely out of your body as you dream. When we sleep, we go to a different place, depending on what we dream, for example, when you dream of your home, you probably just stay in your house. But when you dream of making love to your partner (like a girlfriend across town) where she is, is where your spirit is.

The only problem is that some people don't wake up. That's why people die in their sleep. They forget (or sometimes don't want) to wake up.

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As I have mentioned many times in my lifetime as it is my motto and my dependence [Dreams Don't Come True]

It's like a never ending eternity, I wake up in reality being tired because I was awake all night/day in unreality, when I go to sleep in reality I wake up in unreality tired from being awake in reality all day/night. It's like its real. It should be it is to me and many others who believe it. when we die we become whatever we believe will become of ourselves, as it says you are responsible for yourself. I mean its a bit obvious isn't it?

Dreams don't come true is a metaphor not a saying. If I dream about eating ice cream tomorrow then I either will or wont do it. That's why it doesn't mean that, it just tells us all that you won't exactly get what you desperately want in life. Something that will cause suicide and depression your whole life. I mean if I ended my life now I will have the most best time of my new life since I know what I want you should too. Life sucks; we all know it, so why don't we just focus on a new life make up a new one kill ourselves or some crap like that? Before I die I always act differently retardedly we are all dying, every single day of our lives are wasting on things that we don't need things that wont happen in the next life.

I personally won't kill myself because of my OCD, it's what makes me wanna commit to suicide but its also what prevents it, as in I don't want blood stains on my self so I had the idea of stabbing myself in the shower. But in order for that I needed to take my clothes off which I hate being seen naked, and obviously my mum would have to see me some time or another. I tried strangling myself but my Adam's apple keeps on moving towards my throat and I would rather if that didn't happen. I think about more ways to do it since my depression and oppression of being OCD, people always says what's wrong about it. Well I'll tell you whats wrong in my next paragraph.

The worst anxiety.

Unwanted sexual thoughts about birds.

Obsessive craves to do unthinkable things to humanity and mankind itself. I've started a few things, in plot lists but I think I'm starting to go low on them ideas.

Body uncontrolled of killing friends family teachers, also doing stuff I don't want to do but my OCD makes me do it.

I could just keep on going but I'm getting hot under my blankets so I'll make it short on the list. Here's another example my own mind loves halo. My OCD mind loves movies and birds and crap like that well anyway in my room I spent a month painting my room blue buying plush toys online and stuff such as that, in the end I ended up with 5 feet tall cotton Rio the movie bird toys I painted myself blu and jewel on my wall (I'm a pretty good artist) and my room is full of stuff that money never needs to be wasted on, and all I've got in my room about halo is a really small square poster that came with the halo 3 game and guess what, its behind jewels head painted over.

It's got control of me I still wonder if I'm dreaming this world and if you all are just slaves to my minds memory from my past life but I still don't know why I would make a world were I'm being controlled by some psychotic thought in my mind. but this is all reality I'm speaking, unless its all unreality in which my unreality in my dreams is actually were I'm blu in Rio and I have adventure and a hot bird wife.

But the real strange thing about this is that in my dreams my OCD thoughts are know were to be found. Not one single evil thought. Is it because all that psychotic talk is actually me or am I just dreaming reality and living unreality? It's all just a big question. Why is this happening to me? Why am I thinking beyond humanities proficiencies?

Written by MrAssassin
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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