You've probably read the creepypastas about the .exe files that cause strange things to happen on the person's computer. Flashing, blinking, replaced icons, the works. You also probably came up with a theory behind them, like maybe a malicious and sadistic hacker or some sicko from 4chan.

Unfortunately, you are nowhere near the truth. No living person, no matter how skilled a programmer or hacker they are, can create such a thing. The cause of these evil files isn't human at all. It's something more sinister and evil than any person can possibly be. It's known as DrZmNn666.

What is DrZmNn666?  I have no idea. There are many theories and beliefs about what it is but there is only one that is close to being correct. DrZmNn666, or DrZm for short, is a malicious and cruel supernatural computer virus. A technological demon, if you will. Nobody really knows where it originated from or if it even has an origin.

As for why it tortures the people it does, nobody really knows. Some devout religious people believe he exists to punish us for looking at pornography online or playing violent computers games. However, DrZm is like any other evil spirit. He doesn't have a reason for what he does, neither does he need one. He just does it for his own enjoyment. 

So be careful when you're surfing the web. If you come across a .exe, or any file extension at that, with a disturbing name, don't download or extract it, or you might just become DrZm's next victim.