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Have you ever had the feeling of paranoia? It's a really creepy feeling. I always keep looking behind me if I read a scary story or watch a scary movie. But I think I had enough of scary stuff for a while... that is... until I watched my last scary movie.

My name is Roger, and I just stumbled upon a random tape I found on the ground. It didn't have a title, but it had red ink on the tape saying

"Don't Look Behind You".

I was too scared to play it, I was too scared to even take it home with me, but I did it anyway. I was the worst mistake I ever made. I popped it into my VCR. It came up in the same red ink like on the tape. Then it cut to black.

A empty white room came up and stayed for about 10 minutes, then a girl popped up from nowhere, I jumped back in surprise then got settled down again. Then the camera switched to the girls eye. The eyeball was black, looked like it was burned and singed. She had pale skin, and her eye color looked bleach white. Her eyebrow was pointed down in an angry scowl.

And then... the screen started to flash different colors. It was like that for five minutes and with each flash the girl bled and bled until it stopped. She started crying... then laughing a maniacal laugh sadistically. She then stared at the screen looking at... Me! She then held up a knife and smiling evilly. She took the knife to her neck and sliced it. She then died, bleeding out gallons of blood.

I freaked out, I turned off the TV and tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't after what I saw how could I? The next day creepy shit started to happen, objects would fall off of walls, shelves, and headboards, but that's not all. I was on my computer then it made an error sound and went to the blue screen, but it didn't say the same information as it did... it said:

"Watch the tape, Roger" "Watch it now!" Then my computer restarted and I was scared to death. And then someone called me: Anonymous. It was the sound of a man saying "Watch the rape Roger, if you don't I'll kill you!"

I tried to call the police but the phone line went dead, I was really scared now. I decided to watch the tape again; it stated where it left off. A kid appeared on the screen, whispering "Don't look behind you", "Don't look behind you, Don't look behind you". I was too scared to move, or breathe. I slowly turned around and-


Hello everyone, my name is Troy, Roger was stupid enough to look behind him, so I decided to finish the story. If you happen to stumble upon this tape, watch it. Oh, and whatever you do. Don't look behind you.


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